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TSN.ua found out whether there will really be an increase in mobilization.

A few days ago, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said the military had asked him to step up mobilization.

TSN.ua investigated whether mass conscription into the army would really happen in Ukraine.

How many people can be gathered?

The other day, President Zelensky was asked if the situation at the front would actually increase mobilization. The head of state did not respond directly, but insisted that the military wanted the opportunity to mobilize more people.

“Honestly, the army approached me to make further mobilization possible… that’s all. I can’t say anything more.” – The President explained.

Talks of increased mobilization in Ukraine began to resurface after American historian Edward Ludwig argued that mobilization was necessary for a quick victory in Ukraine. 3 million men.

For his part, Taras Schmut, head of the Come Back Alive Foundation, did not rule out that hundreds of thousands of people would be added to the ranks of Ukraine’s armed forces in addition to those already on the front lines.

According to his observations, an army that spends a year or a year and a half in the front line in the trenches needs physical recovery.

“To do this, someone has to replace them in these trenches Hundreds of thousands of people must be mobilizedSays the head of the “Come Back Alive” Foundation.

“Everybody’s Gonna Fight”

Well-known military veterans warn Ukrainian men who have not yet stood up to defend the Motherland – this war will last a long time, it will affect everyone, so it is necessary to prepare for it now.

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Denis Quebec, a volunteer and international veteran, said that 90% of Ukraine’s male population will sooner or later take part in the war.

“The responsibility for the condition of the country now lies with every man. It is only a matter of time before the involvement of the type of men who have never been in war.” – says the volunteer.

Prominent Ukrainian military officer Myroslav Kai also warned Ukrainians that if the war lasts, everyone will fight.

“We will refrain Ukraine will win, but everyone must fight“, – he said.

The commander of the 1st mechanized battalion of the 3rd OShBr also called the men who stayed in the rear to engage in military training with the call sign “Bot”.

“…mostly everyone will end up in the army, for war. Everyone mobilized in 2022 thought in 2014: there is someone to fight in the ATO. Who will guarantee them that they will never be taken to war. XXI century – the era of wars began, you don’t understand. They deceive themselves, and they are worse. In order to bring maximum performance, it is better to start training, preparing and studying in which unit you are going to serve based on your abilities, because they will lead you to regular infantry and pi**eds.– says “Bot”.

Fighters need rotation

In turn, ordinary fighters at the front, who have been in the army for almost a year and a half, are asking for a rotation – at least temporarily.

“It’s been 11 months since the war, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, many like me who came in the first rush, now we see – we have no alternative. It’s a bit depressing. Some people can’t bear the physical work. One of them has torn tendons in his legs due to heavy loads. It is a bumper car and has a full body. We walk a lot. He underwent a complicated surgery. – Army officer Nasser (soldier’s last name not mentioned) says in comments “Public”.

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Serhiy Kostynskyi, a TRO fighter, says that due to fatigue, front fighters make many avoidable mistakes.

“Lack of rest can avoid many health losses. In addition, because of frontal fatigue, people start making mistakes, and they die from it.” – says the soldier.

What do the authorities say?

Secretary of the National Security Council, Oleksii Danilov, said that no change in mobilization is currently expected, but promised that an additional draft may be in the future.

“Yes, the military applies, and Often there will be additional draftBut this does not mean it will go beyond the limits we approved on February 24, 2022,” he said.

Danilov stressed that the mobilization in Ukraine is still going on and has not stopped for a single day since February 24, 2022, so don’t make too much noise on this topic.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense invites conscripts to update their data at the Military Commission and has also announced a special campaign for this purpose.

Expert opinion

Vladyslav Seleznyov, former spokesman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political commentator of the “Anti-Information” group, commented on Eduard Ludvak’s statement about “3 million mobilized”.

According to Selesneo, the story is about a large-scale mobilization, they say, 3 million men must be mobilized – Russian IPSO.

“The task is to frighten the entire Ukrainian population by saying that everyone who can bear arms will fight. Can such a wish be rejected? Absolutely not,” says Seleznyov.

In turn, Oleksandr Kovalenko said that according to his information, there is no critical situation in the armed forces with human resources.

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Mykola Malomuj, the former head of Ukraine’s foreign intelligence service in 2005-2010, predicted that mobilization in Ukraine would continue at its usual pace. However, it did not rule out that mobilization measures would have to be strengthened if Russia throws in “new” invaders.

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