British intelligence explained why thousands of “Wagnerians” were in Belarus

The long presence of “Wagnerians” in Belarus certainly plays into Russia's hands.

Currently, there are no less than a thousand fighters of the “Wagner” PMK on the territory of Belarus, who are used as instructors.

It is said New report British intelligence.

British analysts note that “Wagner” certainly helps train the Belarusian army and defense forces.

“There may be fewer than a thousand Wagnerites in Belarus, and at their peak after June 2023 there were about 8,000 of them,” the report says.

It is unlikely that the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, wants to expand the use of fighters of the “Wagner” PMC, for example, within the framework of the operations of the Belarusian Defense Forces or to protect the border within the country.

“The prolonged presence of Wagnerites in Belarus certainly plays a fight into Russia's hands, as it forces Ukraine to maintain defensive positions and leave personnel on Belarus' borders,” the study adds.

Meanwhile, a new specialty was created in Russia Assault Team “Storm Gladiator” From prisoners recruited for the war against Ukraine.

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