Pavel warned that the international system built around the world was under threat

One day in Ukraine, according to Pavel, destroys basic values, the possibility of your dream, the development of the world according to your wishes, raise children and prepare them for the future.

The President said that the values ​​of the first small states, which apply to their own needs, but the entire international system, built after the wolf world, are under threat.

Pavel said that defending Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity means first of all defending the principles that our country stands for.

It is our immediate and vital interest to uphold these principles. By using all necessary means, we will not even escalate the conflict, rather we will give the attacked country all the tools to defend itself, he said.

According to Paul, the system set up after the kind of wolf worlds guarantees safe development and the country’s ability to determine its own future. He pointed out that if we allow the world to erode its standing principles, our country will also face problems in the future.

Election campaigning in other countries has recently violated the rules of sanity, propriety and fair fighting, Pavel said when asked about the upcoming Slovak and Polish elections. Li added that scandals and manipulations in the campaign do not help the political culture. The argument that we will tolerate everything during the campaign because it will be different after the election is very hypocritical, he said.

Pavel is proud that the elections in Slovakia and Poland were democratic and free, but for him, the campaign was unusually heated and divided society. But he cautioned that if such an approach leads to haste, it could be discouraging.

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In fact, the new leadership of the two countries will not change the basic orientation of the EU and NATO. I know that we will find at least a common language about basic support for Ukraine, because the loss of Ukraine would mean the loss of all of us, ie.

According to Pavle, the people of the future must actively promote and encourage common civilized values ​​and internal democratic societies. Pavel said that it is your duty to raise your voice from the beginning against the manifestations of populism, sleeplessness and national chauvinism.

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