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The new law on mobilization states that part of the responsibility for updating the data of conscripts will be assigned to centers for providing administrative services (CNAs).

The government has yet to grant the National Security Agency access to the systems needed to update conscripts’ data.

He writes about it LIGA.net Mentions the words of an interlocutor in one of the local administrations of the Kharkiv region.

“There is not even a technical opportunity to participate in the process,” said a representative of the local government.

The Lviv Regional State Administration responded that currently, no administrator of the National Center for National Health and Welfare has access to the relevant organization to which these explanations should be made. No training for staff.

ODA hopes to adopt the necessary legal documents by May 17. At the same time, access to the system and training for administrators is expected.

Iryna Friz, a Member of Parliament of the National Security and Defense Committee (European Solidarity Division) told LIGA.net that it is not the parliament but the government that should have made the laws in time.

“He is directly responsible for setting up mechanisms for updating personal data by citizens within 60 days through TsNAP and through the electronic cabinet,” Frize emphasized.

We will remind you that the Ministry of Defense said that the capacity of the TCC in Kyiv is about 50-70 people per day. Generally, it depends on the city and the number of employees.

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