Blackout Now – What Restrictions Await Ukrainians – TSN Exclusive

The expert did not rule out that the lights in the houses could be switched off for at least several hours.

As a result of the shelling of the power system of the Russian military, power outages for household consumers in almost all regions will last at least several hours a day in the future.

About it in the comments said the First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services Oleksiy Kucherenko.

According to him, the cold weather is one of the reasons for the electricity shortage, but it is still not the main factor of the problem.

“The colder weather definitely had an impact, but not directly. I think a lot of people are using electric heat now. The second thing is that it’s been cloudy the last few days, and thanks to all the green energy we have in ¾ green power. The sun has lost that area.” , – Oleksiy Kucherenko explains the lack of electricity after repeated attacks by Putin’s army.

According to him, it is not excluded that the issue of outages has been raised by industries that have recently limited electricity consumption.

“I think businessmen are now regulated in a different way than before,” Kucherenko says, noting that household consumers were largely unregulated in their consumption until yesterday.

According to Kucherenko, the duration of the blackout depends on the power shortage.

“Energy companies must account for this deficit thanks to the schedule. They will try to make it somehow fair. It is worth remembering the year 2022, when some consumers had light, others did not. Therefore, they will try to eliminate the deficit in a reasonable way. With schedules. We are talking about a schedule of restrictions lasting 2-4 hours a day“, says the expert.

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In addition, yesterday he received signals about power outages from almost all regions and large cities of Ukraine.

“There was a power outage for a while, but thanks to these controls, the situation in the power system has leveled off. Yesterday, Ukraine set an all-year electricity import record. I will not name its volume, because there are some nuances, but it is very large“, says Kucherenko.

Recovery time and worst case scenario

“It’s a very difficult question. About 7 gigawatts of power was lost. That’s a lot. It’s about a significant portion of thermal power plants and hydro plants. Energy experts know what can be restored and for how long. Now the question arises, after restoring this infrastructure, if it is not protected by air defense, what will be the next step? Sandbags do not protect. Some equipment can be restored quickly in the summer, before the heating season. It will take years to restore the substantial damage,” says the parliamentarian.

It was reported earlier Lights out across Ukraine.

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