I have the patent for the panty flip and everyone is buying it. Even Mui

Buying Underwear and Muay Thai?
Yes, you often buy top men’s underwear for your wife, you often participate in our sales and events, so popular among them are gift vouchers, for which the woman chooses the underwear herself. In the future, we hope to contact someone with a new series of incontinence shorts and shorts, but this is currently in development.

Mention that the stitching of your underwear is patented. How did you come up with it?
We wanted really functional and durable, leak-free underwear. So, after a year of hard work, constant testing, trial and error, we created a special pair of underwear that meets our needs.

How does such a test fail? Did extras give us real women?
The first test is first in the laboratory, where the properties of each knitted fabric are tested. Some textile manufacturers have helped us in this regard and have developed products with specific properties to suit our specific needs. Finally, the self-explanatory part of the test is that when underwear is delivered to some of our customers, we will get advice from them on what and how to patch or change.

You are not the only manufacturer of sanitary napkins in the market. Are there any Australian, British… underwear that can compete with them?
Yes, it’s true that the Czech market is very competitive, but the times are pushing manufacturers and merchants to put their products on display. We strive to improve every parameter of menstrual underwear. For example, let’s use bamboo viscose with a weight of 240 g/m2 as the main material. Some manufacturers use grams and other ingredients. The weight and quality of the fabric extends the life of the bag and improves wearer comfort. For us, the underpants have a special fabric in the crotch that quickly wicks away moisture from the inside of the underpants, so you stay pleasantly dry while wearing them.

Don’t be afraid that someone will pick up the panties, tear them and cover them up.
After extensive development, it should be a problem for some companies to subtly copy or imitate popular products. To a certain extent, it is very expensive and only large companies can afford it, but you can protect yourself from this in the first place.

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On the other hand, many Asian copies have a beautiful graphic presentation on the Internet, but the quality and functionality of the final product is very poor, so the consumer is later disappointed. In addition, we are constantly developing and improving our products. Now, for example, we are producing a new type of underwear, which will be supplemented with new functional materials and a special seam, which will completely prevent liquids from penetrating the edges of the underwear.

How long does it take to make a new model?
A new type of bud takes a year to develop and will appear on the market in early 2024.

Vendula Koruv (34 years)

Vendula Gorov

  • He studied tourism and after rotation, he devoted himself to English language studies.
  • Ten years ago, she met her future husband, Radek, who was in the jewelry and men’s accessories wholesale business, and they traveled the world for years on business.
  • At the start of the Covid pandemic, they decided to trial a special incontinence pad, and as the demand for supportable drugs was strong, they co-founded Ecomodi in 2021.
  • Ecomodi is a small family business that manufactures and manufactures menstrual pads and incontinence briefs for continuous use.
  • Vendula is dedicated to product development, new product development and warehouse management.

Can electrical outlets and outlets be broken? Do you need to talk about them or do they address themselves, for example, reviews on social media?
You can only find our products in our own e-shop ecomodi.cz, other Czech e-shops and brick-and-mortar stores do not stock them. The reason is that every merchant, middleman or wholesaler expects a substantial commission and our goal is to deliver the goods to the customer at the lowest possible price. Thanks to this, undergarments do not require 1,000 crowns, and we are able to offer them at very low prices without compromising the quality of the product.

And will recipients find you?
Unfortunately, we can’t reach customers who only shop at brick-and-mortar stores right now, and that may change in the future. The main sales channel is internet retail only, but through internet we can reach enough number of future customers.

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How full are your dates for this year?
We will develop a new language version of the e-shop so that our products will be available to customers in Slovakia, Hungary and German-speaking countries from autumn. So we like to use popular marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Kafland, Alsa, Allegro and others. Without these great online games, we wouldn’t have expanded as much.

Is the European market for you?
Yes, of course, we have prepared a home team in all the countries of the European Union, we have a trademark for the entire European Union, textile patterns and packaging of products that are dynamic and usable in most major languages ​​of our continent.

Thanks to efficient logistics companies, we can now prepare an order in less than 60 seconds, and deliver the carrier within days in practice across EU customs. Delivery within 24 hours only in R and surrounding countries. When the customer wants to move goods for some reason, few carriers today can ensure economically acceptable return logistics for the entire EU.

Why did you choose the name Ecomody?
For many reasons. First, it is a combination of the words ecology and flour, and then he gave purely practical reasons that are very important for business, for example, the possibility of registering national Internet domains, which are often occupied, and according to the possibility of registering a trademark in the European Union with the European Union for intellectual property. Manel took care of all these problems at Radek.

Where can I contact corrupt women? How does advertising work?
Nowadays, for a functioning e-shop, it is necessary to set up an advertising campaign in the company of technology companies like Google, Chesnam, Facebook. Together, this creates a significant number of orders. Social media and related viral marketing have been working for a very long time.

We have numerous offers from various online and brick-and-mortar stores that have contacted us and wanted to sell our products, but for economic and practical reasons we have turned them down.

Are period panties new to any women?
Yes, this is how many women who have no experience with period panties go. Every week, a mother calls us saying she wants to order underwear for her daughter, and she pesters her about it, but she doesn’t want to try the underwear on herself.

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Do women need to prove that bras work?
We don’t have to complain about the functionality of underwear, it’s more that women use something for years and logically don’t want to change it. But there’s a friend with kids or a dog at home, so call often to see how they’re doing.

You are a small family company, but with huge international experience. Are your underwear dark, what are you wearing and tearing?
Yes, all we have now is manufacturing and selling Menstruation and Incontinence donkey iv.

How many underwear do you produce per month?
We produce 10,000 underwear per month.

Where are you going
We worked hard in the Czech Republic, but our skills were so limited that we gradually moved production abroad. Now it is produced here, but no longer for Europe.

What else is on your mind besides period underwear?
The first new range of underwear we will develop will be the basis for a new range of non-binding pants for children, men and women, in addition to menstrual underwear. For children, it is called pin pants, so that both children and families are comfortable walking in nonk.

Accordingly, even when defecating in public, men’s incontinence briefs and shorts are designed in such a way that one cannot tell whether one is wearing an incontinence ass. The donkey will be indistinguishable from a regular bottom donkey, but the drinker will be incontinent and have no unpleasant accidents. And it can also be a woman’s incontinent ass, which is beautiful but will definitely cause incontinence.

I would like to ask if you use your own patented underwear. But I take it personally, so I ask the general public. Put your girlfriends on, I know, take your panties off your hands?
That’s why I honestly couldn’t commit myself to this business without personal experience and my own belief that the product is really good. And since people around me use this donkey, I can get feedback on what to post.

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