A headteacher fired for sex must calm a divided school

Holasis School in Brno had a stormy end to the year. A dispute over an anonymous complaint by a parent about alleged bullying resulted in the dismissal of a third of the teachers and the split of the delegation.

Popular head teacher Pavlina Zamesinikova has voluntarily resigned from Holasis Elementary and Kindergarten after 11 years, much to the dismay of most parents. In the village of 1,400 people, a criminal complaint was filed after the opposition failed to recall Mayor Lenka Ungrova before the holidays.

The tense atmosphere at the school and kindergarten, which has 180 children, is now being eased by new management. According to Seznam Zpráv findings, Marek Trávníček, one of the actors of the sexual affair at Masaryk University, became director on August 7. The faculty terminated his employment with him in May due to “inappropriate” behavior.

Pavel Vyhňák, a friend from the faculty, will act as his right-hand man and companion. In the spring, the teacher was dismissed from the post of principal of the elementary school in Slabanis. The mayor of the city, Michaela Trněná (Čisté Šlapanice), justified this with, among others, alcohol consumption at school or ambiguity in public contracts worth 2.2 million crowns. Vyhňák considers it revenge on the city administration.

New director Marek Trávníček…

List This year, the news drew attention to the complaints of female students from the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University in Brno. They got more than a dozen pieces of evidence. Other university students turned directly to the university. All of the women in the sports studies described sexual harassment or excessive alcohol consumption.

The authors contacted Trávníček by phone, who solicited questions by email. Regarding the matter that happened in the university, he only said that it was ended by mutual agreement.

“I appreciate the founder’s confidence in me in appointing him as elementary school director, and based on my teaching experience, I am confident that I will fulfill it fully,” Travnicek wrote in a summary of his new position at Holasis.

He beat four candidates in the holiday election for the post of director. The mayor of Holášić, Lenka Ungrova, who is behind the selection of the commission, is aware of Cantor’s professional past.

“I was appointed not to calm the situation in the village, but to ensure the quality operation of the school now and in the future,” Travnicek said.

and his deputy Pavel Wihac

Trávníček’s representative, Pavel Vyhňák, belonged to a respected academic community, however, according to Šlapaník Mayor Michaela Trněna, excessive tolerance of alcohol on the school grounds led to his dismissal. “That’s a very important thing for us. We’ve had suggestions from parents and students about teachers drinking alcohol on field trips or in classrooms. There’s no business in elementary school for that kind of behavior,” Trena said.

Students from Šlapany with director Vyhňák went to courses in Herlikovice, while others with cantors from the Faculty of Education in Brno took place in the university students’ complaint.

The mayor added that last year some parents refused to send their children to boating lessons because they were worried about their offspring’s safety due to alcohol. “Then in July we found that the school had enough alcohol that we could supply to the pub,” he said.

The mayor of Slabanis also trusts the results of the Czech school inspector. From his anonymous questionnaire survey, one-fifth of the responding educators had experienced or knew of a situation where alcohol was used at school. Seventeen percent of 355 parents reported encountering their child’s drinking at non-academic events. “At this stage, the investigation assesses the complaint as justified,” the statement said.

Holasic Mayor Lenka Ungrová strongly supports the decision in the case of the two academics. “Not a single teacher has been charged. I believe the presumption of innocence should be respected in this country. “I have never heard of any strong evidence for an appeal,” he said in response to the past of the two ganders.

Why did the former school administration leave?

Controversy at Holasis was sparked by an anonymous complaint by a parent of a child at the kindergarten that led to the departure of the former principal and part of the choir. The mother, who did not like the behavior of the teachers towards her son, turned directly to the mayor.

According to some parents and opposition, the mayor then began to address the situation on his own in kindergarten. “It is distorted. I never intervened in the relationship. I wanted to prevent the children from experiencing the investigation of the experiment, because there were suspicions of bullying,” Ungrova counters.

The situation escalated at an extraordinary May council meeting. The teachers have at their disposal a recording of several hours of meeting which can be accessed on social networks. Judging from that, most of the participants were behind the former director.

She was worried that the village administration was interfering too much with her skills. “That’s why I can’t continue to work here. I don’t like manipulating people,” he told the congregation.

The decision of the popular headmaster in the village caused a negative response. “I am very sorry. The director is the right person. She solved every problem. It seems to me that the mayor is promoting his intention: you don’t comply, you leave,” said one of the mothers, who did not want to be named. Teachers know.

Another of the mothers, Tereza Hronova, began calling for the mayor to be fired because of the events at the school. “Instead of sending Mom to the headmistress who was listening to everyone, they started creating a storm in the village together. Everything should have been handled professionally, not emotionally,” Hronova said. Her husband, opposition representative Joseph Hron, says the mayor did not handle the situation administratively or humanely. “She should have handled it differently. The director should have resolved the complaint,” he said.

Holacic Mayor Lenka Ungrova stands by his actions. “The unhappy mother turned to me. The director did nothing in those six months. I felt it was important to at least get some attention,” she countered.

250 people signed the petition demanding the mayor’s resignation. “They are mainly citizens from the surrounding villages, not local residents. I see the whole thing as a political struggle by the opposition. It’s not about solving the problem,” the mayor protested. In June, a close vote to remain in office also failed.

Four of the nine MPs in the entire opposition raised their hands to end it.

In the village, they are now waiting to see what happens with the new administration. Director Marek Trávníček assures that he managed to change the employee. “I hope that the school at Holasis has not lost the confidence of parents and that I and the teaching staff can take care of Holasis children in elementary and kindergarten with success, happiness and general satisfaction,” he wrote.

Sexual harassment at Masaryk University

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