Schools had to attract a lot of students. The new rules for sorting children into admissions have caught some directors by surprise

LFor the first time, Ethos used an algorithm to classify students in the admissions process for secondary schools. For a machine to work with results, no one can end up in the same place. Therefore, a draw should be made between applicants who have scored the same number of points in a given school. This is especially true of schools that do not set additional criteria detailed enough. In some cases, there is a risk that the student may not get into the school of choice because of the lottery. Students will officially find out on Wednesday who was actually accepted.

Prague High School Nad stolou should be one of those interestedci An eight-year study to draw 17 pairs of children with the same number of dots. “Four others have applied for the four-year course and three couples for the six-year course. What do I know, mateWally often,” explains school director Renata Shezhpalova.

The Prague director also had to draw 17 couplessaryk Secondary School Chemistry Jiří Zajíček. He invited the candidates affected by the points competition to draw. They found out 12 hours early, the school had to send the results the next dayslat Zermatt – The state organization behind the enrollment system. “About nine parents came. We removed the registration numbers from the envelopes and rewrote the order,” Zajíček describes.

This is a message for the director. Previously, they set the order and it didn’t matter, for example, on 20-22, places were kept by applicants with the same number of points. “If several bidders scored the same number of points on the division line, they were all married precisely, so there was no need to draw a lot,” explains Zajicek. They usually accepted slightly more students than they had available places because applicants decided which of the two schools to apply to only after the rankings were published. They have to provide the registration card to the schools. The directors then announced the second phase for the remaining seats.

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This is no longer the case. Because of the lengthy and unnecessarily tedious process for parents and schools, the entire process has been digitized. Students can apply electronically this year to three schools instead of two. They also had to sort according to the schools they most wanted to attend. Students will now be divided by a new algorithm that should be fair. Firm bettors are not favored in the form of a less desirable sector than those who decide to take risks.

Submitting an application electronically is more stressful than paper entry. However, the directors did not recommend a return to paper

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And because of him we also had to cast lots. “The algorithm can’t deal with two students having the same number of points. A clear order must be established for the system to work with it,” Zajicek explains. However, according to him, no student failed in his school because the candidates with the same number of points were not close to the dividing line. “In the end it doesn’t mess with the overall standings.”

Schools that elaborate on additional criteria do not need to draw lots. For example, Gymnázium Brno, Captain Jaroš’s class. In the first criterion, the total sum of points, he added the total points from the entrance exam from Sermat, additional points for the mathematics exam, and then for success in tasks from the Czech language that checked comprehension of the text. .

“In two cases we had to use the last criterion, which succeeded in solving open-ended mathematical problems. Zermatt provided us with this data, and in all cases we were able to make a clear decision,” explains school director Jiri Hermann.

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Bunny had three extra criteria and it wasn’t enough. “We are already thinking of appointing two more for next year,” he says. However, sometimes even seven additional criteria are not enough. The gymnasium in Brno in Slovanske Namesti had to get a thousand lots in one case. “I think it may have been a very simple math test that failed to classify students well,” Principal Dalibor Kode said.

According to Miroslav Krejci, director of Zermatt, who prepared the entire process for admission to secondary schools, everything went successfully and the algorithm sorted students into schools without any problems. “However, we had to recalculate them due to schools initially giving us incorrect student rankings.”

Already in the first round, more than 90 percent of applicants got in, Krejčí told the server It is not clear how many children passed the first round last year. “We only have predictions, according to which there are more successful candidates in the first round this year, mainly thanks to the opportunity to write three schools on the application form,” Krejčí clarified for HN. The Ministry of Education will publish on Wednesday how it fared in individual regions and how many applicants made it to their first, second or third choice school.

Students and their parents who have uploaded the electronic application will be able to see the final results on Wednesday, May 15 through the TIPS mode. However, they can already see corrected integrated tests in Czech and Maths. Some parents have already started contacting us with suspicions of faulty repairs.

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“Earlier very few parents visited the school. Yesterday, 37,000 candidates downloaded the tests, which is still a lot of eyes. “The tests were human-corrected, so there may have been some errors,” Krezzi didn’t deny.

If one of the candidates receives a point, he can appeal and contact the school director to review the ranking. The algorithm will not run again. “If this is the deciding point for admission, the director should take such an applicant, even beyond capacity,” explains Krejci.

On Monday, there were other cases of Zermatt schools giving poor results and ranking of candidates. It is not yet clear how the situation will be resolved.

Ultimately, school principals positively evaluate the electronicization of the enrollment process. “Of course, there were problems when the system started, but overall I rate it positively,” says Brno director Hermann. According to Zajíček, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the computer was basically created to fly. Zermatt’s director “knee-jerked” it with an external IT specificationialists, and in the period of hanging. They had three months to build the entire system.

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