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Because of the cold weather, Ukrainians started turning on the heaters en masse, which is why there was a shortage of electricity.

Emergency shutdown schedules were introduced due to a sudden surge in power consumption on the evening of May 14. This is due to cold.

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, head of the NEC “Ukrenergo” group, said this in the Telethon broadcast.

He explained that the power shortage was caused by people turning on the heat.

“Usually people use appliances in the evenings after coming home from work… For example, consumption always increases in the evening compared to daytime. But today, this increase in consumption was such that the power system could not cope with it, there were not enough imports, unfortunately. , there are not enough regulations in the industry, that’s why it is necessary to involve people in this schedule,” says the head of Ukrenergo.

He assured that the outages would be short-lived but necessary.

According to Kudrytskyi, the emergency shutdown affected about 10% of domestic consumers in Ukraine.

“The problem is not that an area cannot be supplied with electricity, but that there is not enough total capacity to cover the consumption of power plants, and not enough imports to cover the shortfall. Each area bears the collective burden of blackouts.” – concluded the head of “Ukrenergo”.

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