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Ukrainians – in their ears. The Verkhovna Rada already has a ready draft law on mobilization changes. Which proposals will be supported and which will not be known in the new year of 2024. In the meantime, we will tell you about each item and how those who do not respond to the summons will be punished.

What the representatives finally decided to do, why a new scandal is breaking out – all this was told by journalist Victoria Hnadyuk in an exclusive story for

New Draft Laws on Mobilization

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine submitted two draft laws to the Verkhovna Rada. One is “Provision of Mobilization and Military Accounting”. The second is “making changes to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of Ukraine on Strengthening Liability for Military Offenses.” Now about everything.

It is already known that the drafters of the law propose to lower the mandatory age from 27 to 25, as they said earlier. The concept of “limited suitability” will be removed and only suitable or unsuitable will be available, and those who receive the status of “limited suitability” will be required to resubmit the VLC in six months.

At the same time, a whole series of punishments were invented for real “evaders” if they did not register in the army after receiving the summons. Here begins the most interesting.

How will “dodgers” be punished?

If the conscript or reservist does not fulfill the duties assigned to him, he will be entered in the consolidated register of debtors and restrictions will be imposed: in particular, foreign travel will be prohibited (although a strange amendment, men are already prohibited. Leaving).

In addition, violators cannot conduct transactions with property, they will be restricted in their right to drive their own vehicle, and it will be impossible to even get a driver's license, they will be denied a credit agreement, and in addition, they will be “disabled” from benefits and services from the state.

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The document also specified the duties of citizens during mobilization. Therefore, according to the draft law, citizens will undergo medical examination and treatment in medical and preventive institutions if they are sent there by the Military Medical Commission, and it is necessary to register for military service every time they move. At the time of mobilization, to appear at the TCC and military units, immediately after the mobilization is announced, they can present with them a military registration document and a document certifying identity, as required by law.

Will the summons come online?

But the interesting things don't end there. The government still wants to introduce an electronic subpoena system. Conscripts prefer to notify men of their call to TCC through the electronic office of conscripts and reservists or to send “greeting letters” to e-mail. In fact, this is a kind of analogue of online summons, but the use of “action” is useless here.

Prior to these reports, Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov promised that there would be no such surprise mails because of “Thea”: “Next year there will be 1 million drones. Thea will never get a summons. Only like that.”

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Who else is empowered to issue summons?

Meanwhile, Administrative Service Centers, Employment Centers and the same recruitment centers want to engage in the distribution of summons or in other words, recruitment. In Ukraine, they plan to introduce basic combined military training for 3 months for all citizens aged 18 to 25 years, in all educational institutions, and for those who have not completed this three-month training. , will introduce basic military service of up to 25 years, if they wish. Now about adjournments and vacations.

What about mobilization?

Those released from prison are finally allowed to rest properly. They also plan to provide 90 days of paid leave. The text of the draft law also proposes that conscripts from citizens exempted from military service during martial law will not be conscripted for six months.

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Well, in general, they want to exclude conscription as a form of military service. All such servicemen are to be discharged within the reserve. Details of the mobilization also emerged. During the war, the cabinet introduced a bill regarding mobilization with clear terms of service, i.e. 36 months. People's deputy Oleksiy Koncharenko reported this on the Telegram channel. According to him, these terms are proposed for both mobilized and contract workers in case the contract expires. We remind you that the agreement is now automatically extended until the end of martial law.

What awaits women?

There are also points about women. Therefore, only those with military or medical profession are registered. However, women who are on leave to care for the child until it reaches the age of three are postponed, as well as if the child needs home care, this is indicated in the medical report, but there is a but. Such care does not last until the age of six, and of course, pregnant women get a relief. All others can only voluntarily register for military service.

But what is interesting All Active People's Representatives have the right to adjourn.

The fate of students and a big but

Meanwhile, students of full-time or dual education, as well as scientific and scientific-educational workers, will be deferred from military service. You remember the objection that those already from the 30+ category, who suddenly went to bite the granite of science for the second or third time, could be removed from the list of those entitled to postponement, but still one. The draft law does not establish age limits for obtaining first higher education.

That is, for example, a person at the age of 50 without higher education can enter university and defer from mobilization for the duration of his studies. Men and women whose close relatives have died or gone missing during counter-terrorism operations are not eligible for the award.

Mobilization of people with disabilities

Finally, let's talk about mobilizing people with disabilities. The explanatory note to the draft law states that disabled persons of I or II groups or temporarily unfit persons have the right to defer conscription for military service during mobilization. That is, the disability of the third group is no longer a reason for avoiding service.

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Also, those taking care of close relatives with the first or second group, i.e. spouse, father, mother or child with a disability, are not taken forward. They have the right to take care of their loved ones.

Bezukla talked about this again. He says that the postponements not only deprive the third persons but also the second group of disabled people. On his page, he also released part of a letter allegedly sent from the General Staff to the VRU Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence, signed by Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny.

When will voting for documents begin?

By the way, “People's Servant” received recommendations to avoid comments on the mobilization draft law submitted to the Council of Representatives, “Ukrainian Pravda” section said this with reference to its sources. According to the interlocutors, the division emphasized the need to maintain a single line with the President considering the “sensitivity of the issue” and therefore “mobilization with the community should be informed by the military, from whom this request comes.”

But we note that all these plans are still subject to change as the draft law is yet to be considered in Parliament. And the first meeting will be held on January 10 only. We will also remind you how many men the military leadership is asking to mobilize.

A question of interest to all Ukrainians

Will it be possible to equip, train, shoe, clothe, and fully supply these 500,000 mobilized people? This is a very important issue that worries Ukrainians.

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