A man sent fake stamps to a relative in prison who wanted to please him

Envelopes with fake stamps (August 9, 2023)
| Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The fake stamps were discovered by the Prison Service earlier this year when it inspected a package sent to an arrested person. In addition to the stationery, the shipment also contained 15 sheets of stamps with a Christmas motif, which at first glance appeared to be fake.

Stamps are most successful on packages that Check Post accepts for transit without objection. The stamps provided by the sender on the ten envelopes and part of the shipment were of excellent quality.

Criminal investigators soon discovered that the ship was sent from Českolipsk by a man in his forties who admitted to forging stamps. He produced 153 of them, while a similar stamp was valued at 23 crowns. He explained his act to the police by saying that he wanted to make his beloved relative happy and send a letter from jail. It came as a surprise to the accused.

“By his actions, he became closer to him than he wanted, because he is now behind a one-year prison sentence for the crime of forgery and altering seals,” Balakova said.

In the past, police officers in the Liberec region have solved cases of smuggling drugs or mobile phones into prisons, but this is the first time they have dealt with counterfeit postage stamps imported into prisons, he said.

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