In Berlin, someone attacked the Jewish Institute building at night with a Molotov cocktail

The attack, which took place on Brunnenstrasse in the center of Berlin, happened around three in the morning. The building, where at least two Molotov cocktails were thrown, houses several Jewish institutions, including a religious school, a synagogue and the Kahal Atas Yisroel association.

According to the newspaper Daily Mirror Security guards were present at the scene, but they could not stop the attack and the culprits fled the scene. The fire was quickly extinguished. No one was injured.

Berlin police, acting “to the best of their ability” in the current tense situation according to their spokesman, eventually sealed off the area and are investigating the matter. The building was accessible only under police escort on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday morning, police arrested a man who shouted anti-Semitic slogans in front of the building in question. It is not clear if he has any connection with the night attackers.

Protests were held in Islamic countries on Tuesday evening over an attack on a hospital in Gaza, which the Palestinians blamed on Israel. The Israelis say the object was hit by an Islamic missile, and that Hamas knowingly lied about the accusation.

Police break up pro-Palestinian demonstration in Berlin

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