One of the two injured women contacted the police, who mistook them for Bulovka. She miscarried because of a mistake

Criminal investigators are investigating the transfer of patients at Prague's Bulovka University Hospital, one of whom suffered a miscarriage, on suspicion of negligent physical harm. In society X Network Police said. He also informed that he was contacted by the legal representative of one of the patients. Medical staff at Bulovka Hospital transferred the women on Monday. Both women are foreigners with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, CNN Prima News reported Thursday.

“Based on newly received information in the case, criminal investigators have initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of the criminal offense of causing bodily harm due to negligence,” the police wrote. Before that, he invited women to contact him. “We thank the media for publishing the appeal to the injured women. On Friday, we were contacted by a legal representative of one of the injured representing the woman,” the police added.

Police launched an investigation into the exchange of patients on Thursday after the information was reported in the media. He is looking for both patients. You can call 158 or come to the police station, police said X Network.

According to CNN Prima News, a healthy pregnant woman who suffered a miscarriage came for a routine check-up at the Bulovka hospital. Doctors should call the second woman healing, which is done in the treatment of a diseased uterus, but can terminate the pregnancy.

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The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that it considers the incident an inexcusable human factor failure. While the hospital has apologized to the family and is ready to compensate the patient, the perpetrators have been suspended, said ministry spokeswoman Ondage Jakob.

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