Tbor baby box they found a boy and the baby's mother wanted him back

In mid-January, they installed a baby box in the buildings of the G-Center in Tbor, and officially opened it on Monday, November 4.
| Photo: Frantiek Panec, MAFRA

However, neither the Tborsk center nor the hospital could comply, because the possibility of a child's long life in the family proves you, said Ludvk Hess, founder of Babybox. Since its introduction in 2008, 260 TTs have been deposited in these special boxes in the Czech Republic.

On the second day of the week, the boy was found in the Tbor babybox at 15:06. G-Center, a nursing home and social services, has had a box for orphans since 2013. Before that, two boys, Jaroslav and Milan, were deposited there.

Mal Jan is a Vt, and we evaluate him at two and a half months, Hess said. An ambulance took him to the Tborsk hospital, where they examined him and found him healthy, but neglected. The following phone call from his unscrupulous mother who wanted to shake the child also testifies to unresolved social issues. Neither the G-Center nor the hospital could accommodate her, as in this case her family's potential for longevity was essential, Hess noted.

According to him, John of Tborsk did not accept the tradition of gilding a newborn from the Czech mint. But that's a problem, said the founder of BabyBox in R.

Baby boxes must protect the health and life of the children in which they are placed. When someone places a child in it, heating, ventilation and with a slight delay, an alarm will be activated, which will alert the personnel of the medical facility.

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The boxes are placed so that people don't have to worry about someone being surprised when the baby is thrown away. However, BabyBox also has critics who say it discourages talking about a baby's first name, identity, gender identity and the first sign they were born.

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