Two dozen stations report high flood levels, mainly on the Elbe and Sassava

Firefighters in the Czech Republic had above-average interventions on Christmas Eve, mainly due to rising river levels or wind. For example, they drained water or removed fallen trees. These interventions, called technical assistance, are more than a thousand and four times the daily average. They made up the bulk of the firefighters' interventions on December 25. Jiri Frölich, spokesman for the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, announced this in a press release today.

“Currently, station flow rates are decreasing and gradually disappearing. No heavy rainfall occurred during the night. Only in the upper part of the Morava River is the snowmelt gradually increasing the water flow. In some places, the aquifers are overflowing. No significant leaks in buildings were reported,” said the meteorologist. Petr Chmelař told

Jihlava and Sasava rivers are in the third place, meaning the highest flood in four places in the Vysosina region. Zihlava in Ptáčov and Bransouzy, Sázava in Chlístov and Světla nad Sázavou. In Central Bohemia, the Sasava in Nesbeka and the Elbe in Kostelek nad Labem have newly reached the Tertiary stage. The threat continues to apply to Sasava in Khakov and Sruk.

Third, there was a very high flood level Part of Partubis In the morning in two places, namely Chrudimka on the Elbe in Němčice and Padrta profile. Second grade was present in five places and first grade was lower in others. According to today's data from meteorologists, the river level is mostly not rising. Flooded streams complicated traffic in many places, for example there was no road between Rychnov na Morava and the village of Žichlínek in Orlickousteck due to the flooding of the tunnel.

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The position of the Elbe Ústí region Continuing to grow, in Děčín it has surpassed the third, highest level, and in Ústí nad Labem and Litoměřice it is approaching. The level of Ohře no longer rises much, the second level still applies to the river in Luni and to Bílina in Trmice near Ústí nad Labem. This follows from information on the Elbe River Basin and the Ohe River Basin.

Děčín is preparing to close the road from Tyrova to Žleb. The road will be closed if the level of the Elbe reaches six meters, and at 7:00 it was 571 centimeters high. “Officials are informing local residents of this possibility,” the town hall said on its website. The city asks citizens to respect the instructions of traffic signs, constables, policemen and firefighters. The viaduct on Grokova Street near Lipverty has been closed since Monday, and a flood wall stands on U Přístavu Street.

Current radar image of precipitation over the Czech Republic. Further

In Ústí nad Labem, water from the Elbe floods a part of the road in the anti-flood basin on Přístavní Street under the bridge. Edward Benes. Motorists cannot drive through the section from the roundabout under Větruší in the direction of Tech and must go through the center.

The road around the town of Looney, Ohio, was closed Monday because of flooding and the risk of landslides. The second stage of flood action continues on the river at Looney.

The first level of flood action, a watch, comes into effect this morning Slin area in four places. On Monday night, six stations were involved. Runoff volume increased due to precipitation and rapidly melting snow. In all cases, according to meteorologists in streams, according to information from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, this is a permanent condition.

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Representatives of the Morava River Basin expect a gradual drop in water levels today, said Petr Chmelař ČTK, spokesman for the river basin. According to him, the water level may rise further due to inflow of water in the low-lying areas of the watershed.

According to ČHMÚ, the level of flood activity in the Czech Republic is due to rapidly melting snow at 142 stations, up from 168 stations on Monday evening.

“Winter floods, for example, bring more problems than spring and summer floods. The ground can be frozen, the water does not soak, there is no vegetation. The so-called flood protection measures close to nature lose their effectiveness in these situations,” noted Chmelař. Therefore, according to him, it is important to manage the water reservoirs properly, which is happening at the moment, and water managers react to the current situation.

The amount of gizera in Jablonek nat Gizero is gradually decreasing. After crossing level three, the highest level of flood activity, it reached level two during the night. This also applies to the river at Železné Brod in Jablonec. Today, even Kamenice in Plavy na Jabloneck is not in a high position. IN Liberec area The second flood stage is still in Plušinica in Ceskolipska.

In Česká Lípa, according to information on the city's website, the water level in the Dobranovský stream in Písečná fell below the second flood stage last night and continues to fall. The town hall warned citizens that the road to Holy Virch was closed due to waterlogged soil and fallen trees.

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In the Liberec region, meteorologists have predicted cloudy weather, rain or rain in places and the possibility of permanent precipitation in the mountains. They continue to draw attention to the fact that as the snow melts, stream levels will rise in some places and reach flood action levels.

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