A ring road is to be constructed in Noor and should be completed by December

Due to ongoing construction, Podmogelsk Street is closed to traffic. Only buses and trolleys of the city’s public transport and vehicles of the integrated security system can go here, said Iveta Dokov, a spokeswoman for Eurovia, the company carrying out the construction.

So far, traffic is separated by traffic lights, and people going from St. Center to Dn can only go through Pekaska Street and continue towards Netmice and Dn after the road entrance. In the other direction, they can pass Pekaska and Podmogelska streets.

Those going from Dne to Krsne Bezn Street should go to Pekaska Street and pass through one of the railway tunnels, which will take them to Krsné Bezn Streets.

According to the schedule that is part of the mining contract, we plan to have the entire construction fully operational in December, however, we need to take over the construction from the contractor and have it running after the New Year, Jan Rdl noted. Construction investor Rhodes and Rhodes speaks to the Editorial Office (SD).

We want the daily drop-in to Dn to function as unrestricted as possible, he added, adding that the investment will cost approximately 58 million crowns.

20,000 vehicles, including 3,500 trucks, ply the busy road daily. According to the self-proclaimed name of the German town hall before the ticket, Krishnan Besno fell under, fools, not following the speed limit here. Children pass here a hundred meters away, said the mayor of Netmik Iveta Tomkov (way st.).

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This discovery also led to the decision of the Social Democratic Party to reconstruct the two-way intersection of Podmogelsk and Pekask streets into a five-armed crown intersection. Once this is done, traffic on the selected segment will be smooth and free.

As part of the construction, a five-lane unobstructed underpass is being constructed for bicyclists. The bus stop on Karolny Svtl Street will also be new.

The investment plan for the construction of the turnpike crown was approved by the Commission of the Ministry of Transport in November 2009, and its renewal was approved 10 years later. Last year when the government threatened to expropriate the land, the state representative decided to sell the much-needed ST land.

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