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Stay in hostels.

On the night of May 17, 2024, explosions rang out in Poltava and Kharkiv.

Sasbilne said this in a telegram.

“Explosion heard in Poltava,” the message read.

Also, the head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinekupov, reported that the enemy carried out at least five drone strikes in Kharkiv.

“According to updated information, hits were recorded in Osnoviansky and Novopavarsky districts of Kharkiv. Currently, no information about victims has been received,” the message on social networks said.

A wind warning in Cork has been in place for over 16 hours – from 08:15.

Don’t neglect your and your family’s personal safety by staying in shelters.

Remember that Ukraine’s national police are still working in Vovchansk despite heavy fighting and trying to ensure further evacuation of people.. In Kharkiv province, the occupiers were known to shoot and kill resisting Ukrainians. Kidnapping of residents has also been reported. TSN.ua’s exclusive report talks about Russian atrocities in the war-torn city.

▶ Watch the video on the TSN YouTube channel at this link “Russians are shooting Ukrainians in VOVCHANSK! People are being kidnapped and forced into basements!”

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