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The explosions at the airport testify to Belarusians’ disagreements over the political course chosen by Lukashenko, an optimistic expert.

Military expert, head of the Military and Legal Research Center Oleksandr Musienko believes that the explosions at the Machulyshchy airport will not push the Belarusian dictator Oleksandr Lukashenka to join the war against Ukraine.

This is an expert opinion revealed For Channel 24.

He firmly believes that if Lukashenko avoided entering the war for so long, he would certainly not do it now.

“This would be an argument for Lukashenka not to enter the war, because he sees how weak his ally and the state that pushed him to enter the war are getting. This state is approaching defeat,” Musienko stressed.

He also opined that the explosions at the airport indicate Belarusians’ disagreement with the political course chosen by Lukashenko.

“Lukashenka’s policy has led him to have such resistance, so these political factors will increase the repression against them,” the expert added.

“Cotton” at “Machulishchi” Airport

On February 26, explosions rang out at the “Machulyshchi” military airfield in Belarus, where enemy aircraft often take off. As a result of the explosions, a Russian A-50U spy plane coordinating the launch of missiles over Ukraine was damaged. The plane was attacked by drones.

The Belarusian opposition said the plane’s front and center sections, avionics and radar antenna were damaged. It is stated that these damages are serious and the plane will definitely not fly anywhere. According to their information, the operation may be organized by local party members already abroad.

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According to British intelligence, disabling the aircraft would reduce Russia’s ability to conduct air operations.

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