Life with suitcases. Instead of children, parents move after divorce, the Czech Republic is getting used to “traveling” care

KAfter years of arguments and betrayals, Petr and Adéla agreed to end their fifteen-year marriage, only to agree on one thing: that the children should suffer as little as possible. So, the lawyer advised them to leave them in the apartment where they grew up all their lives and take turns with them every week. The two agreed: Petr moved in with a new partner, Adéla found a studio apartment, and instead of the children traveling between their parents every week, the parents travel.

“Of course, it requires a lot of money, which is not convenient for us as parents, but the children have their own home, and that is the most important thing,” explains Adela. They are not alone, and the number of parents choosing this type of care is slowly increasing. The government is currently preparing an initiative to change the mindset of mothers and fathers when negotiating for their children.

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  • Who is this model suitable for?
  • What are the experiences of the new trend children?
  • How Czechs perceive alternative care.

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