World – British intelligence assessed whether the course of the war would change

Andrei Belousov presided.

Great Britain’s intelligence has assessed the changes in the Ministry of Defense of Russia – the dismissal of the minister Sergei Shoigu And the appointment of Andrii Belousov.

about this It is said In a new intelligence review by the British Ministry of Defence.

The department recalled that Belousov was an economist without a military background. Before being appointed Minister of Defense, he was First Deputy Prime Minister, and before that he served as Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation on Economic Affairs.

British intelligence believes that Belousov was appointed to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to ensure greater efficiency of defense spending and closer coordination between the needs of the defense industries and the Russian Armed Forces.

“Given the rife with corruption in the Russian Defense Ministry and armed forces, Peloso will have a very difficult task,” the report said.

British intelligence insists that the change in the defense minister of the Russian Federation is unlikely to have a significant immediate impact on the course of the Russian war in Ukraine

“The current Russian approach to warfare is likely to continue as Putin has announced that there will be no change in the senior leadership of the General Staff,” the report said.

On May 12, we will remember the President-Dictator of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sacked Serhiy Shoigu as Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. He will become the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

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