A man beats a woman on an underbridge in front of the camera


The city police officers stopped the woman from further assault and secured the suspect and handed him over to the police

On Tuesday, May 14, just before 11:30 p.m., City Police Operations Officer Cheb observed a confrontation between a man and a woman on the City of Cheb’s camera system, who were apparently not getting along. On the footbridge to Švědský vrch. A verbal dispute on the part of the man eventually escalated to physical assault on the woman. In order to prevent further attacks on the woman, the operator immediately dispatched a patrol to the spot.

The incident was monitored by cameras across the city. After subduing the aggressor and ending the operation, the authorities handed over the entire case to the police of the Czech Republic on suspicion of criminal activity. said the Director of Police, Cape Town.

“When we took over the whole matter, we were called to the scene by the city police. Once it was established that they were partners and the woman refused to solve the problem, the man’s behavior was dealt with in a disciplinary manner by our patrol. Disturbing the peace at night.” A spokesman for the Czech Republic’s police said.

Incidentally, in today’s article we told how to proceed in cases of domestic violence, i.e. violence between partners:

Police in our region deal with many serious cases of domestic violence every year

Police in our region deal with many serious cases of domestic violence every year

Updated 17/05/2024, 08:03, an hour ago

Do you know how to help or who to get help for victims of domestic violence?

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