Counter-offensive of the armed forces – the army passes through the most difficult defense lines of the Russian Federation.

According to Ukrainian and American sources, experts noted that now the advance of the armed forces could take place in the areas of the defensive positions of the Russian troops, which are the most difficult series.

Geospatial imagery released on 25 August showed defense forces advancing 1.5 km southeast of Novoprokopivka (13 km south of Orekov).

US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said on August 25 that armed forces were now pushing through the main complex of Russian defense lines in the direction of the Ukrainian offensive.

On August 26, Reuters reported that the commander of the armed forces fighting in the southern direction said he believed that Ukrainian forces had broken the most difficult line in the Russian defense zone and could now advance rapidly.

The Ukrainian commander is said to have entered areas where SAF fighters faced only Russian “rear support groups” and he expects further advances in those areas to be easier.

On August 25, Russian “combat forces” reported that Ukrainian armed forces attacked areas in the direction of the rear defense lines near Verbovoi (18 km southwest of Oricho), suggesting that the Ukrainian army may be close to the tactical rear lines. They are now breaking through a series of Russian defensive positions. At the same time, experts say that these reports should not be misinterpreted as indicating that Ukrainian forces entered the rear of the Russians at an operational level.

Also mentioned in the report ZSU will appear at the range of the next series of prepared Russian defensive positions, which may be weakMore than the invaders’ previous security complexes, but still a serious problem.

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Many of the defensive positions that Ukrainian troops are now advancing are densely lined with mines and fortifications, and Russian forces have sent significant troops, equipment and troops.

Many of the Russian defensive positions now in front of the armed forces may be a relatively more continuous complex of anti-tank ditches; Anti-tank obstacles “Dragon’s Teeth”; and additional minefields (behind these obstacles are Russian combat positions), which is very similar to the Russian first line of defense.

The Institute for War Research points out that the extent of mines in the vicinity of this series of prepared defensive positions is unclear, although they may be mined to a lesser extent to allow Russian forces operating north of these positions. Back off.

“Furthermore, ISW has recently assessed that the series strength of these prepared defensive positions may be less defensible than positions that Ukrainian forces have already encroached on in the north, although this remains unclear,” the report said.

Analysts note that each of these Russian “lines” are defensive positions with their own forward and rear positions, and it is important to distinguish between the rear areas of individual Russian defensive positions and Russian defenses in southern Ukraine.

Thus, the defensive “lines” of the interlopers are conditional in the sense that the positions prepared by the Russian Federation are not uniform along the entire front in southern Ukraine and are not fully staffed. To the south of the armed forces’ current offensive there are additional prepared defensive positions of the occupiers, although Russian forces can only include these positions in a coordinated defense if they have the personnel and equipment to fully exploit these positions. Activities.

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Key Findings:

  • Russian troops moved elements of the elite formation from Kremenaya district of Luhansk region to Robotny district in the west of Zaporizhzhia region, a Ukrainian source said.
  • Despite recent efforts by the Russian military command, Russian irregulars are willing to threaten to unilaterally withdraw from hostilities.
  • It is reported that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is bringing to justice the junior officers and soldiers of the Russian unit who complained about the inattention of senior commanders to the problems of the front.
  • None of the major channels known to be directly connected to Wagner PMC have shared more information about the group’s future, while most Russian sources have focused their attention on front-line operational activities.
  • Russian troops carried out offensive operations near Kubyansk-Svatov-Kreminna, near Pakmut, Avdiyivka-Donetsk and in the western part of Donetsk region, but did not achieve any confirmed attacks.
  • Russian regional authorities continue to facilitate the forced deportation of Ukrainian children from the occupied part of Ukraine to Crimea, which is temporarily controlled by the invaders.

Offensive operations of armed forces

This summer, Ukraine’s armed forces launched offensive operations in the south of Ukraine. The armed forces liberated more than 10 settlements in Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions. Recently, Ukrainian militants entered the village of Robotyn in the Zaporizhzhia region and planted the Ukrainian flag there.

Also, our fighters are continuing their attack on the flanks near Pakmut. As the military command points out, there are victories there, too.

Read more about the main events on the front and the progress being made – in the content of RBC-Ukraine.

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