Ukraine – The search for the site of the attack continues for a third day

Three people are known to have died.

U Sumac For the third day, search and rescue operations continue at the site of the Russian drone attack on the five-story building. 3 known victims of the Russian attack.

It is reported Press Service Ministry of Home Affairs

It is to be noted that the state emergency services personnel were involved in the removal of damaged and emergency building structures and slabs.

According to the “DSN Online” story, rescuers stopped work for the night and in the morning they started sorting through the wreckage again. There may still be people under the rubble of the collapsed building. However, it is almost impossible for them to be alive. After all, after the drone strike, four floors of the building simply collapsed, and the fire lasted for almost two days in the place of destroyed apartments.

In the first days of the Russian UAV strike, the bodies of three dead people were recovered from the rubble. However, her relatives said that a 20-year-old girl could be found in the rubble.

It is now known that 14 residents of the building have been injured. Four victims are still in hospital in a moderate condition.

Consequences of the “arrival” of the drone

A destroyed house in Sumy after a Russian drone flew over it on March 12. / Photo: DSNS

In Sumy, the search continues for a third day at the site of a destroyed house where a Russian drone flew on March 12. / Photo: DSNS

A destroyed house in Sumy after a Russian drone flew over it on March 12. / Photo: DSNS

There may be people under the rubble of a collapsed house in Sumi. / Photo: DSNS

Let's remember the night of March 13 In Sumi, a drone struck a tall building. At least 30 residences were damaged, 15 of which were destroyed. The rescue team recovered the bodies of the two deceased from under the rubble the day before yesterday.

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