“Austrian and Bardos are harming gays, let them resign”. Final game of Attack on Rainbow Boy

The Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) and the Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) should resign, they are harming homosexuals, writes the commentator Marek Kerles on the Info.cz server. The reason was their mistake in the case of the attack on a young man with a “rainbow scarf” in České Budějovice. They called it a homophobic act, without evidence. Ultimately, however, police did not confirm that the attack had any homophobic or racist intent, and blamed convicted criminals for “only” rioting.



Description: LGBT flag

“By labeling the act prematurely and without evidence as motivated by homosexuality, members of the Austrian government, including Bardos, not only violated basic principles of the law, but also harmed the homosexual minority,” he says. Kerlus in his opinion on the server Info.cz.

According to him, along with their statements, Austrian and Bardos uploaded various racist and conspiracy theories, things are allowed under the “rainbow flag” that other people, including representatives of minorities and the oppressed, would not even dream of.

“Yet, above all, both members of the government are precisely harming those they 'declaratively' protect, namely members of the LGBTQ community, by their misdeeds. It is undoubtedly right and necessary when not only a minister advocates for the rights of minorities and the general public who are disadvantaged or attacked in society. It is It should be the duty of every member of the government!” Kerles says.

After a three-month investigation, police announced that they had established the identity of the attackers, but that their attack was not homophobic, transphobic or racist in nature. The accused, two of whom were minors, were charged “only” with disorderly conduct.

“A homosexual motive for the youth's attack has not been proven. Both ministers should – I think – first publicly apologize for anticipating the outcome of the police investigation in a completely unacceptable and unsubstantiated manner. And they used this incident to try to change or tighten laws based on it. This should be unforgivable in a democratic country, especially on the part of members of the government,” says the commentator.

Last December 3, student Sebastien Vosvrda published a post on his Facebook profile after three young men attacked him in the center of České Budějovice at four in the morning the day before – allegedly motivated by the attack of the rainbow flag (a symbol of the LGBTQI+ community) worn on his shoulders.

Interior Minister Vid Ragusan and Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bardos immediately responded to the post on social media, admitting it was a homophobic attack.


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