The poor dog's condition improves significantly every day as he becomes aware of his surroundings and reacts to stimuli.

However, a couple of anonymous women who took care of him played a big role in rescuing the poor animal. And three days later, according to them, he was out of a bad state. He ceases to be indifferent to his surroundings.

“He wags his tail, sometimes he is happy and content. He is interested in the surroundings. But he does not always stand on his feet, so we help him gradually. Sometimes his ass wobbles, the muscle mass is seriously reduced. He is still with bones and skin,” said Daily. Karolina Turchinkova, a veterinarian from Arami Hluk, told Novinka.

“The first day was very important. We picked him up from Hrates' technical services outdoor pen where he had to spend the night after being rescued from the apartment in Hradiště. But he won't survive here. He was completely surrendered, a relaxed body. A dog that should have weighed thirty to forty kilograms now weighs seventeen,” a woman who immediately took the abused dog into foster care told Novinka.

Photo: Aleš Fuksa, Law

Three-year-old Blade is now in foster care

Although it still lacks stamps and confirmation, no organization ultimately stands up to the two women known around Uherské Hradiště for their selfless help with found dogs.

“The authorities handed over the dog to us out of humanity. They themselves decided that they could not keep him in a pen on the side of the technical services area and leave him unattended overnight. But now it's okay,” said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, relieved.

Veterinarian: He won't be long gone

The replacement owner immediately took the dog to a vet in nearby Hluk, where he was given nutritional drops.

“Now he can drink and eat on his own, but does not vomit in small portions. So far, he only has an infusion to get rid of things that shouldn't be in his blood. The kidneys are seized. But if he continues in these conditions that the woman from the Found Dogs community in Uherske Hradist has created for him, his condition will improve rapidly. “I hope so. But it will take months for him to regain his original weight,” noted the vet.

Together with an unnamed nutrition company, he developed a special diet plan for the dog so that it does not strain its body, while at the same time the dog gains muscle mass.

Photo: Aleš Fuksa, Law

The abused dog from Uherské Hradiště has almost no muscle mass

“I have never seen such a poor dog in my life. He suffered massive muscle loss. He was really grinding from the end. It won't be long before he's gone. It's a one day thing. He was completely unconscious,” said the vet.

Veterinary Management: The dog now has the necessary care

On Friday, employees of the State Veterinary Administration (SVS) of the Zlín Region came to check the health of the tortured dog. So the two women involved in rescuing the found dogs were worried that the dog would be taken away from them and taken to a contract shelter despite its poor condition. But in the end it didn't happen.

“Colleagues checked the dog's current environment. His condition is stable. The vet comes here every day. In our view, the dog has the care it needs. So the dog can stay in alternative care with this woman,” said Petr Vorlíček, spokesman for SVS CR.

Photo: Aleš Fuksa, Law

An abused three-year-old dog from Uherské Hradiště

Police are investigating and filing cases of animal cruelty, but no one has been charged so far. However, if convicted, the court can send the dog's owner or another person responsible for the dog's care to prison for up to three years.

The abused dog, with its ribs visible, saved itself by climbing a window


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