Bottom left: “SU like Superman.” Someone from the University of Silesia is about to save TOP 09

Helena Longchatlova out, Pavel Duleja in. The editors of the Levo Dole Podcast went to see how the Minister of Science and Research is changing.

In the last episode of Left Down, it was said that if TOP 09 Mantri wants to turn the actors into high favorites, it should bring in a superstar. Is Pavel Duleja, a fifty-three-year-old academic from the Moravian-Silesian region, such a superstar?

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They say he will even try to become Superman. “At the University of Silesia, where I am vice-chancellor, there is an acronym SU, it's like Superman,” he joked, adding that his appointment promises more visibility for TOP 09 journalists.

“After the prime minister and the education minister, he is the third former university chancellor in the government. Even TOP 09 hopes that maybe after ODS and Staroste, an educator will raise his will,” says Václav Dolejší.

The former rector and economist doesn't make a bad first impression, but he may not be a natural media talent. “I was surprised that TOP 09 could not give a concrete answer to the question of how to improve communication. At the same time, this is the basic reason for the whole exchange, so questions are to be expected,” says Lucy Stuchlikova.

Will Vaclav Dolejci get revenge on Helena Langsadlova? What was the response to the new minister in Levo Dole? How innovative is it to rub a fox against an ebony wire? Run the current reactor to the bottom left!

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