Who is the new minister of Duleja? A creative and talented economist, but nobody in TOP 09 knows much about him

KAlready on Tuesday morning, the candidate for Minister of Science and Research, Pavel Duleja, introduced himself to fellow party members in the broad leadership. First 09, many were able to form a better opinion of him for the first time. Many of them did not know him well until now. And whose academic career and field of study is not connected with him. “He is an economist by profession, he deals with microeconomics, I deal with macroeconomics. I know about him, but unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to meet in person,” says MP TOP 09 Miloš Nový.

Duleja, who is due to be appointed minister on Monday, May 6, told party members that he appreciates the work of outgoing minister Helena Langchatlova and wants to continue her work. However, during the presentation of the expected future minister, another party member Opava Senator TOP 09 Herbert Bavera spoke prominently. Among the current parliamentary politicians, he knows Duleja best.

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