People pelted stones at the representatives in the Tatras and protested

Matesk Kola Litomice unites a mateinek led by a teacher as a pspvkov organization of the city. He was the first people to be guided. In June, the Pedal Council will call for changes to the women’s bike system and the dismissal of the current teacher. 700 people signed it.

The reason we are working towards this event today is because it is disappointing that nothing has happened yet. Although the city called for a Czech road inspection, the results of which are now being investigated, but nothing has been achieved, and the inspection management has no labor relations. The esk koln study checks long-term quality, but it’s not dark on calls. We want to prioritize working relationships, how people are treated in the company, there should be a little more humanity in these relationships and a positive atmosphere in the workplace. That is why we appealed to the city to elect an independent party to deal with the topic of gangs. However, it has not yet been aired, the author of the call is Martina Smejkalov.

This view is opposed by vak-led msta. In addition to the Road Survey, there was also the Office of the Works Inspector. In addition, we contacted the Filantia Gifted Fund from Liberec, which specializes in public workplace safety, i.e. not only in being an employer, but also in preventing burnout syndrome or any pathological phenomena necessary to keep employees happy. According to Mayor G Admech (ANO), the meeting will take place after the New Year.

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Guided by a teacher for eleven years, he does not intend to change the city for now. I don’t think it’s necessary to replace the wheel drive system at this time. Especially considering that the system has been operating here for twenty years and, in addition, duty rotation has recently become a trend because of financial and personnel disputes, Admek adds.

However, the organizers of the call were not satisfied with the city’s progress, so they decided to hold an event to address their demands before the fourth meeting of the council. There were about twenty protesters.

We invited supporters of the call to bring a log and a stone with a message and a slogan representing what the current employees of Matesk koly Litomice would say. In symbolic children’s tatras, we carry these stones to the litom representative, explains Smejkalov. We have informed individual representatives by email and written to the Prime Minister and the Mayor. Today, we want to appeal to the representatives to take decisive action in this case and not let him sleep. Current academic and non-academic employees will receive decent working conditions.

The event in front of a local council was held by the organizers after their invitation was not received on the e-petition page. Mr. The editor’s lawyer turned to the operators of these sites and advised them to withdraw the invitations, he fulfilled the invitation and only spoiled the editor’s good name, writes Smejkalov.

After several calls, its organizers set up a page on Facebook. We’ll put news about the day out there and connect with supporters of the call here. During this time, he alternately gave the employees, and at the same time he cheered, and he did not stop telling us stories about the boss. It’s very early, and recently something new and new is happening, says Smejkalov.

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Editor Monika Mejdov said she did not want to comment on the petition at 2 p.m.

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