Removal of Pereyaslav Rada's monument under the Arch of People's Friendship

The arc of independence of the Ukrainian people will not be removed yet.

Removal of the granite monument depicting Pereyaslav Rada began in the capital. Due to the complexity of the work, it will take more than a day.

This is reported in a story by TSN reporter Oleksandr Romaniuk.

Since the morning, under the Independence Arch of the Ukrainian people, the granite monument to Pereyaslav Rada has been removed.

City dwellers cope with this in different ways:

  • “It's good that this material is removed. This event really represents the Russian captivity in which Ukraine has fallen.”
  • “I don't know. Let it stop for now. We'll wait.”

The monument appeared here in 1982 to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the October Revolution. The architectural ensemble consisted of three components. It is an arch, Ukrainian and Russian bronze sculpture, as well as a granite monument dedicated to the Council of Pereyaslav.

Formally, the combination refers to “friendship between people”. But in the Soviet version it was explained “Ukraine's Eternal Desire to Reunify with Russia”.

“This complex and, in particular, the monument gained a different reputation among the people of Kiev. They gave the name to the arch. The Soviet yoke on Ukraine. The granite sculpture has been painted with illegitimate inscriptions more than once. Immediately after the Declaration of Independence, calls for the abolition of the group appeared. In 2016, removal was first discussed at the state level. The Minister of Culture of the day, Yevan Nishchuk, called for a monument to fallen Ukrainian heroes to be built here. But the matter did not go beyond the idea. It was only after a full-scale invasion that the arch was renamed. From “Friendship of People” – U “Independence Arch of the Ukrainian People”. But the bronze sculpture was cut,” says Oleksandr Romaniuk.

At the end of this March, a panel of experts from the National Institute of Remembrance gave its opinion on the remains of the memorial – This will harm Ukraine.

Later, the Ministry of Culture, on the company's recommendation, removed the group from the list of state-protected objects. This allowed it to be removed.

“KMDA said that the arch will definitely not be removed, as it is very expensive and the Ukrainians reconsidered its opinion. However, construction equipment arrived at the Pereyaslav Rada monument,” says the correspondent of TSN.

Before the analysis, in their municipal institution “Kyivblagoustrii”, the documents were studied in detail. The monument consists of nearly 20 granite elements in irregular shape weighing between 6 to 7 tons. They are separated and then removed.

They work because of the difficulty of removal Lasts for several days.

Earlier, the KMDA noted that removing the former people-friendly arch was risky.

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