The STAN MP also criticized the war deal with doctors

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) promised to raise their salaries by 9.8 billion from insurance company reserves, after protests by doctors who refused to work overtime stipulated by the labor code and some hospitals cut care because of it.

This was later guaranteed by the VZP, which promised hospitals a bonus on top of the reimbursement if they agreed the money would go towards doctor’s salaries.

They should earn five thousand to fifteen thousand per month in addition to their basic salary. The doctors will call off the strike if the agreement comes into force from Friday.

Doctors are happy: they want lifetime annuities

The mechanism by which the government agreed with representatives of doctors and unions has been criticized by some MPs. Most MPs for ANO are in Milan, Prague, a member of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK).

“Who came up with this, what kind of mess is it to get money back through a reimbursement order? Why does VZP only apply? What about health workers other than hospitals, for example emergency services. Are they not included?” asked Bristol.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Radek Policar, explained to him that this was the wording of the agreement, in which many people, including CLK, participated, but he did not believe Brázdil. ANO’s Member of Parliament Kamal Farhan also criticized the deal.

The contract we are talking about here is completely false

John Kuchar, STAN

ANO deputy Vera Adamkova also asked what hospitals that do not have a contract with VZP should do. “No one is stopping doctors from raising their wages,” Balikar said.

“Social Engineering”

But harsh criticism was also heard from John Kuchar, the Coalition MP for STAN. The minister and the VJP director described it as social engineering to determine how much the salaries of doctors, including private hospitals, should be increased.

“I didn’t believe I’d live to see communism, but now I’ve lived to see it. The deal we’re talking about here is completely false,” Kuchas said, not picking up the napkins.

Improper solution? The government is repeating the same situation as in 2011 on doctors’ salaries

“The pressure needs to go elsewhere than the health minister, but on the system. Since hospitals have to bill these services to insurance companies, one can ask if it is worthwhile and why they are not adequately compensated,” said the STAN MP.

“The Minister’s stipulation that doctors will get 5, 10, 15 thousand extra is complete nonsense. “We have seven insurance companies that order knee arthroplasty, and not one doctor down the hall,” Kuchas noted.

“When I open a private clinic, will even Mr. Kabátek from the VZP call me and decide how much to pay the doctors?” he asked.

“It seems Persian to me to criticize it now. VZP is maintaining itself as a socially responsible company and it will not be a row but a drive. I am satisfied that the situation has improved,” he added.

Unfair. A section of VZP’s board of directors was upset by the agreement with the doctors

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