Dead – Ukraine –

The Russians continue to destroy peaceful Ukrainian towns.

The enemy attacked Odessa with ballistic missiles.

The head of Odesa OVA Oleg Kiper informed about this in a message on social networks.

Unfortunately, three people died and three others were injured in the attack.

All necessary medical assistance is provided to the injured.

Civil infrastructure has been damaged.

Once again, I strongly urge everyone to respond immediately to wind warning signals. My deepest condolences to the bereaved families,” the official said in a statement.

According to reports from monitoring channels, two youths and a police officer who ran to the shelter were killed. It seems that the teenagers may have died after being hit by the rocket. Information is verified and updated.

We will remind you that on April 29, the Russian army launched a missile attack on Odessa. After the explosion, the building known as “Kivalov's Castle” or “Harry Potter” Castle in Odessa caught fire.

As of the morning of April 30, five people were infected and dozens were injured. Mass media reported that former Nordeput Serhiy Khivalov was among the injured.

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