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Search and rescue operations are currently underway, but rescue operations have been greatly affected by storms at sea.

On April 5, the merchant ship Joe 2 sank under a foreign flag off the coast of Antalya while en route to a port in Ukraine.

about this informs Turkish TV channel TRD Haber.

They noted that it was a merchant vessel under the flag of Guinea-Bissau. It is From Iskenderun he went to the port of Ismail in Ukraine. Antalya Governorate indicated that the ship sank off the coast of Kumluj district.

The ship started sinking on the night of April 5 and at 03:47 a general emergency distress signal was issued to all ships in the area, the Coast Guard said. On receiving this signal, a Coast Guard corvette, seven boats, two helicopters and an aircraft rushed to the scene.

It is reported that As a result of this incident, three people died and three others were injured. Search and rescue operations are currently underway, but the rescue operation has been severely hampered by storms at sea.

Generally There were 14 people on board at the time of the accident. Currently, they are all established by name.

It may be recalled that on March 22, the 76 meter research vessel Petrel capsized in Edinburgh. Due to the strong wind, the ship tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. 15 people have been hospitalized due to this incident.

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