The President of the Council of Europe responded to Trump's statement on aid to Ukraine

Council of Europe President Charles Michel responded to former US President Donald Trump's recent comments that Europe should pay more to support Ukraine.

This is Michelle wrote On Twitter (X), reports “European reality”.

The head of the Euro Council called on the former head of the White House to “get the facts straight”.

“The figures speak for themselves. The EU's contribution to Ukraine: 143 billion euros ($150 billion),” he said.

Michael also called on Trump to “not be afraid” of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin because Europe is not afraid of him.

We will remind you that after releasing the draft law on aid to Ukraine in the House of Representatives, Trump repeated it. Europe should pay more In favor of Kiev.

According to the report, the support package for Ukraine introduced by House Speaker Mike Johnson on Wednesday provides for quotas. About 61 billion dollars Help Ukraine and its allies. A final vote on the draft laws is to be held until the evening of Saturday, April 20.

US President Joe Biden has said he is ready to sign the bills introduced by Mike Johnson if Congress approves them.

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