What day is tomorrow, June 4 – what events happened, what church holidays, what not to do

Tomorrow, June 4, is the day of remembrance of children who died as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Believers revere the memory of Saint Basilisk. There are 211 days left for the New Year.

June 4, 2023 – Sunday. 466th day of war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday tomorrow June 4th

June 4 in the church calendar – St. Basil’s Day. He lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian and preached Christianity, for which he was imprisoned. While imprisoned, the Basilisk began to prepare for his sacrifice. But suddenly he was released, so he went to his own land and bade farewell to his family.

The man told his relatives that he would see him for the last time. When the ruler learned that the guards had released the martyr, he was enraged and immediately ordered his hands tied and imprisoned again. He was forced to sacrifice to the pagan gods, but he refused. For this, his head was cut off with a sword and his body was thrown into the river.

What can not be done on this day

  • It is not recommended to do things in the field or in the garden – what you plant on this day will definitely not grow.
  • You cannot borrow anything.
  • Do not curse or slander.

Folk signs and traditions for June 4

Our ancestors had many interesting omens for this day:

  • I saw what day it is today: there will be heavy snow in the morning – there will be a rich harvest;
  • At night you can hear a nightingale singing – wait for clear weather;
  • Birds sing happily – the weather will be good;
  • A foggy day before the big harvest of mushrooms in autumn;
  • In the evening the frogs croak loudly to the wind;
  • Black circles around the stars – there will be bad weather.

In ancient times, our ancestors celebrated Yaril Day on June 4, the god of nature and life-giving forces. It was customary to decorate houses and young birch trees with bright ribbons. This day is also known as Voloshkov or Basilisk Day. They met him in the circle of friends and family, entertaining each other with funny talks, jokes and stories.

Weather for June 4

Tomorrow, June 4, the day promises to be clear without rain in Kiev. In Lviv, the weather will be clear, slightly cloudy in the afternoon, precipitation is not expected. Kharkiv is clear with no precipitation. In Odessa, the morning clouds will not last long and precipitation is not expected.

The air temperature in Kiev is +20 during the day and +11 at night. In Lviv it is +22 during the day and +8 at night. +20 during the day and +9 at night in Kharkiv. In Odessa, +24 during the day and +14 at night.

June 4 Memorial Dates

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on June 4:

  • 907 – Tang Dynasty rule in China ends;
  • 1070 – First written reference to Roquefort cheese appears;
  • 1286 – Kingdom of Jerusalem united under King Henry II of Cyprus;
  • 1500 – Kiev was exempted from all trade duties by the Law of Magdeburg;
  • 1630 – Taras Triasilo defeats the Poles led by Konetspolsky near Pereyaslav;
  • 1664 – New Amsterdam is renamed New York;
  • 1665 – Spanish Queen Maria Anna of Austria (Mariana de Austria) signs a decree renaming the Rogue Islands (named by Ferdinand Magellan) to the Marianas;
  • 1771 – Danish-Norwegian navigator Vitus Jonas Bering discovers Alaska;
  • 1865 – The first train robbery took place in the US state of Ohio;
  • 1874 – the first general meeting of the association named after TG Shevchenko;
  • 1921 – “Chanel” perfume (“Chanel No. 5”) is presented for the first time in France;
  • 1942 – The Battle for Midway Atoll begins, becoming one of the most important battles of World War II;
  • 1944 – Units of the US 5th Army enter Rome;
  • 1946 – Juan Perón becomes president of Argentina;
  • 1954 – The Prime Ministers of France and Vietnam, Joseph Lanier and Phu Loc, sign the Agreement “On the Complete Independence of Vietnam” in Paris;
  • 1989 – A protest in Tiananmen Square in the Chinese capital, Beijing, is brutally suppressed by tanks, leaving hundreds of civilians dead;
  • 1992 – the symbol of Kazakhstan was adopted;
  • 2014 – 25th Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion “Kyiv Rus” is officially established.

Name Day: What to Name a Baby Born on June 4

What birthday is tomorrow: Volodymyr, Vasylysk, Danylo, Makar, Ivan, Pavlo, Mikhail, Sofia.

Amulet for those born on June 4 Malachite. A stone with a dark green color. Malachite has long been believed to help fulfill wishes. And it is a strong children’s talisman. Hence, in ancient times, it was worn around children’s necks to protect them from diseases.

Born on this day:

  • 470 BC e. – Greek philosopher Socrates;
  • 1909 – Oleksandr Ilchenko, Ukrainian writer and screenwriter;
  • 1941 – Ukrainian Gopsar Vasil Litvin;
  • 1988 – Ukrainian officer, participant in the Russian-Ukrainian war, Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakivskyi.

What a day tomorrow will be in Ukraine and the world

June 4 in Ukraine Remembrance Day for children who died as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The sad date was created after the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on the territory of our country in 2022.

Also on June 4 Day of Commercial Courts of Ukraine. The professional holiday was established in 1991 to commemorate the passing of the “On Arbitration (Commercial) Court” Act. Business relationships are a part of every person’s life, because every day many sales contracts are concluded, some enter into ownership and others lose it. All these are regulated by economic law, and economic courts deal with resolving disputes between participants in relationships.

They celebrate June 4th Local Industrial Workers’ Day, which always falls on the first Sunday of the first summer month. The holiday is dedicated to all workers who give their health and strength for the well-being of Ukrainians. As one of the branches of the economy, local industry has existed since 1934. It gradually developed and over time gained great importance for the country.

June 4 Land Recovery Day in Ukraine. It is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of June. It is difficult to overestimate the role of land reclamation in agriculture, because the amount of crop production depends on proper land reclamation. The holiday was introduced on May 24, 1976. Complex works aimed at rational use of natural land resources are called amelioration.

June 4 is also celebrated in Ukraine Water Workers Day. This date was officially created by the decree of the President of Ukraine on March 18, 2003. Since then, the professional holiday falls on the first Sunday of the first summer month every year. Water is the source of all life on earth, so it is important to use these resources wisely. Water management workers are responsible for rational use of water resources, provision of water to institutions and people.

and on June 4 World Caries Day. The problem of caries is relevant to the health of every person. According to data, caries is the most common disease in the world. 98% of adults on the planet suffer from it. The event was celebrated for the first time in 2013 with the efforts of dentists.

June 4 International Cancer Survivors Day. It falls on the first Sunday of June. For the first time, an important date was created in the United States because of a serious global problem associated with the rapid spread of deadly diseases such as cancer. With this, medical associations and organizations urge people to protect themselves and their relatives.

Also on June 4 World Vernille Day. Every year falls on the first Sunday of the first summer month. The date was introduced to spread awareness about Verneil’s disease, a skin disease diagnosed today in 1% of men and women worldwide. The 2012 event was launched.

and on June 4 World Pest Control Day. It was launched recently – in 2017. The main objective is to bring information to the public about the damage caused by pests in agriculture and beyond.

June 4 International Day of the Innocent Children – Victims of Aggression. The day of remembrance was introduced by a decision of the UN General Assembly in 1982 during one of its special sessions on Palestine.

It is celebrated on 4th June International Spoiler Day. Internet users have heard the word “spoiler” at least once in their life. Spoilering is the act of spoiling the plot of a movie, series, game, etc. by telling important information about the plot. They created a holiday in America that is considered the birthplace of strange phenomena.

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