Deputies to change water law in response to Bečva environmental disaster

The registration of dust from the source is introduced, the obligation to report in case of destruction is mentioned, Petr Hladk, Minister of Environment of the KDU-SL, explained during the preliminary discussion of the proposal.

According to the results of the German District Court in Poland, the poisoning of Bewi on the 20th of 2020, in which 39 tons of fish died, was caused by the Energovaqua company. But the company was not punished. According to the court, since the specific cause of poisoning cannot be determined, the first person is not criminally responsible for it.

However, according to Judge Lyudmila Kerlov, the company may have committed a violation during the disaster, which is why the court recommended an environmental inspection. He freed Oldich Havelka, the author of the company, from the packaging.

First, parliamentarians can discuss the draft law on public cultural institutions, changes in rules governing judges, state representatives and executors, or rules on lobbying.

Pirti wants to remove it from the government's draft law on lobbying exemption for EZ. We also want to apply for right to lobby EZ. Parliamentarian Birt Jakub Michlek said laws should not be written for a corporation.

Proposal to establish a register for registration of lobbyists and lobbyists.

Lobbyists must be listed as a lobbyist in the register and submit a general progressive declaration of lobbying after half a year. Both the lobbyist and the lobbyee must be registered in the register. The law also applies to presidential and legislative aides. Passing the law by mid-2025 is a condition for the Czech Republic to receive pensions from the European National Recovery Fund.

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