Six cruise missiles and 16 drones: the Russian Federation’s air force spoke of a night strike. Updated

Ukraine’s air force destroyed 10 attack drones, four reconnaissance drones and four cruise missiles, with which Russian invaders attacked Ukraine on the night of June 9.

“Iranian strike drones “Shaheed-136/131″ and Kh-101/Kh-55 air-based cruise missiles hit military facilities and critical infrastructure,” the Air Force said.

“Shaheed” was launched from the south, cruise missiles – from the Caspian Sea, from four Tu-95ms strategic bombers.

During the attack, 16 attack UAVs and six air-based cruise missiles were launched.

Forces of the Air Force and air defense mechanisms in the areas of responsibility of the “Eastern”, “Western” and “Southern” Air Commands, together with the air defense of other elements of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, destroyed 4. Kh-101/Kh-55 cruise missiles, 10 attack drones ” Shahed-136/131″, “Lancet” and four UAVs of operational-tactical level “Orlan-10”, “Supergame”.

Also, at around 8:00 PM on June 8, the enemy fired two Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea at one of the civilian targets in the Cherkasy region.

Updated 08:01

Air defense forces shot down a cruise missile over the Zhytomyr region. Debris fell on the town of Zviagel, destroying one and damaging 12 residential buildings – one dead and three injured.

The aviation of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 20 airstrikes against air defense equipment, logistics, military equipment and positions of the occupying forces in the past and present day.

Police showed the results of a rocket attack on the Kyiv region on the night of June 6.

Olga Skotnikova“Evening Kiev”

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