The National Guard showed the work of drones against the enemy – a video

They destroy everything: The National Guard demonstrated the effective use of drones against the enemy. Video

Soldiers of the National Guard showed a selection of spectacular defeats of Russian positions at the front. Using Drones The defenders attacked observation points, sabotage and ambushes of enemy reconnaissance groups.

Every “cotton” ended in loss to the invaders. This video is officially released Telegram channels National Guard.

“Observation points, fire points, ambushes of the enemy’s DRG are being relentlessly destroyed every day by the airborne reconnaissance units of the 11th brigade of the NSU,” reads the description of the video.

Footage shows how Ukrainian drones fly to enemy hideouts that the occupiers have arranged for themselves in captured settlements.

The National Guard asserted that the Defense Forces’ unmanned systems have proven their effectiveness in combat on land, in the air and at sea.

“NSU is developing this direction, which will increase our results on the battlefield. Every attack, every destruction of the aggressor on the battlefield is a step towards victory, towards peace in our land,” the message said.

As OBOZ.UA reports, airborne scouts of the 15th operational brigade of the NGU destroyed a Russian BMD-4M in the direction of Zaporizhia. The defenders attacked the enemy equipment with the help of an FPV drone.

We only have verified information Telegram channels OBOZ.UA and Viber. Don’t be fooled!

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