Mobilization Act: Ministry of Defense announced a change in approach to war

The department pointed out that the situation will end when some fight and continue to lead a peaceful life while others lead peaceful lives.

The approach to this war will be the first to change when the mobilization law goes into effect on May 18. The government needs to understand how many men between the ages of 18-60 are healthy, what military accounting specialties they have, and which of them are eligible for reservation or deferment.

Dmytro Lasutkin, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said this on radio. “Espresso”.

“If we talk globally, then From May 18, after the Act of Mobilization came into force, the approach to this war is also changing. Because that history, it is obvious that this comes to an end when some people fight and continue to be at the forefront, while others live a peaceful life,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

He also said that the noticeable difference every time he returns from Donbass to Kyiv, Lviv or other peaceful cities is not normal.

“Perhaps it would be normal if we had a weak enemy, but in this case, the whole country, the whole society must be mobilized. From May 18, all men between the ages of 18 and 60 To clarify their data in TCC and SP, this can be done in electronic office and in TsNAPLasutkin recalled.

He noted that the government needs to understand how many men of conscription age are healthy, what military accounting qualifications they have, who has a third child and who is eligible for reservation or deferment, who has changed their place of residence.

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Lasutkin He drew attention to the changes in reservation and the need for enlistment of Defense Forces pensioners for military service.

“Now officers of category “B” (Heads and Vice-Chairmen of State bodies) and “B” (other civil service posts) will be allotted only 50%, not 100% as before. Officers of category “A” (Higher Civil Service Corps)” said. A spokesman for the Department of Defense said.

“In addition, the pensioners of the Defense Forces are now being registered. This is an important topic, which has been talked about a lot, and to some extent corresponds to a demand for justice,” noted Lasutkin.

We will remind you that earlier explained in detail what changes can be expected in the mobilization from May 18, what to do with the limited suitability for military service.

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