Commentary: Long live the wonderful European Union! Mainly on Czech TV

Photo: Editorial office ofítězslav Dobeš

After the most recent uproar directed by Czech TV over the Czech Republic’s 20-year involvement in the EU, we can express nothing but fear until the results of this year’s European elections are announced. Public Television.

Let’s forget about the “crush” that Czech TV should report objectively. They left this basic thesis at Kavče Horá a long time ago, and at the same time they want to increase the concession fee. The really important question is: where can young people, in particular, learn detailed information about the current EU, but also its history, so that they can vote for the European Parliament somewhat qualified this year?

Young people in particular do not really know the facts about the EU. Czech TV viewers were well convinced by the respondents of one of the polls, each of whom was no more than 25 years old. Boys and girls sang a song for the Union on camera, while the Czech Republic could no longer be imagined without EU membership, as it was possible to travel freely. If someone says that the founders of the European Economic Community, the forerunner of the current European Union, established the entire association to break down barriers and free movement of people, goods, services and capital, then those involved would be a little less intelligent.

This is one of the biggest argumentative errors of fanatical admirers of the Union, but bad journalists: they present its current, rather terrible form, where the “independence movement” has become a kind of bureaucratic-utopian octopus. A must-have model for traveling across Europe.

We have no idea, but we hope

Some of the aforementioned “young people” who praised the Czech Republic’s EU membership on Czech TV added in the same breath that they knew nothing about the EU’s migration policy and the Green Deal. This is said to be a problem.

Of course, that’s the problem. Although it is mainly theirs (relevant information can also be found in the issue of EU directives, subsidiary directives and exemptions), a significant part of the blame is borne by the domestic media, which – like Czech TV – reports on the Union. Incomplete, one-sided and without any critical accent.

Until some time ago, domestic consumers who wanted something other than thrillers and crime fiction were the only television news and magazine offering ČT could see. However, this is no longer the case.

For the viewer, a representative of the middle class, a slightly more knowledgeable person, CNN Prima News has already developed a sufficient profile, which after uncertain beginnings can provide information in a comprehensive manner and is not afraid to call representatives. Opponents of non-parliamentary parties and their plans for “single correct attitudes and ideas”. There is no risk of embarrassment when watching this station, one of the few critical-minded journalists in this country, Daniel Kaiser, editor of the weekly magazine Echo, had to remind the moderator on a Czech TV broadcast. The real alternative to ODS in the Czech Republic is Svobodní.

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Even in the Internet media industry, the situation is not entirely happy from the point of view of objective information, especially since many news websites are more or less electronic imprints of their respective printed journals. However, even here, there are clear exceptions.

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