In his speech, Peter Pavel attacked the chamber of Zeman, Klaus and Babis. Awards were on a “clean and scratch” basis

BResident Peter Powell The first honor was awarded A Delivered the first speech October 28 is a national holiday. It can be said to be a balm to the company’s nerves compared to its predecessor. Through it all one can sense Pavlov trying not to be like his last two predecessors, Vaclav Klaus and Milos Zeman. Do not divide, do not provoke, do not insult, do not exalt yourself. This effort, admittedly, was a bit convulsive that the president felt at one point He returned jokingly. But overall, after twenty years, we can say that the Czech Republic finally enjoyed its holidays in a solid, harmonious atmosphere.

The motto of the awards presented by Petr Pavel could be a slogan from a 1990s type of cleaning agent commercial: “It cleans and doesn’t scratch.” The president tried to clean up all the stains left by Milos Zeman on the awards. No offense to anyone. He honored those who objectively deserved them for personal reasons (Petr Pithart, Karel Schwarzenberg, Tomáš Halík, Pavel Rychetský).

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  • What was said in President Pavel’s speech and why did Vaclav Klaus and Andrzej Babis look sour?
  • Who did President Powell honor and why?

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