He wanted to avoid going to jail. The police only stopped his car with a “pothole maneuver”.

A Skoda Fabia with false registration plates was driven by a disqualified driver. A female passenger was sitting next to him. A police patrol chased him down the main road from Liberec to Tarnovo.

“Slightly before ten o’clock at night, the police received information that a Skoda Fabia with completely different registration plates was driving on the first-class road from Liberec to Tarnov, and, in addition, a person was traveling in it. He wanted to travel in it,” explained police spokesperson Vladimira Stritrova.

He fled from the police on the 140th in a car with his wife and child through Benmu district.


A patrol from the Emergency and Safety Unit began chasing the suspect car. A call to stop was ignored by the following driver.

Gradually, two more police cars joined. The Fabia driver, who threatened other road users with his dangerous driving, eventually preferred to drive on county roads.

They only stopped the Fabia at Hotkovis

Police officers waited at the Fabia in Hodgowice, where they stretched stop strips across the road. The car continued to run with a punctured front tire.

After a chase of several hundred meters, he decided to make a maneuver during which the police, in a safe place, rammed the front of their car into the rear of the car being pursued.

Cops in Tbilisi chase a drunken tow truck driver through night streets


They left the car at gunpoint

Both the passengers refused to get out of the car, following which the police pulled them out at gunpoint. It worked and the man and woman got out of the crashed car. The Fabia driver suffered minor injuries and required hospital treatment.

“He tested negative for alcohol. However, he refused to be tested for other drugs,” Sridrova added.

The female passenger, who was found by police with a small amount of cannabis, escaped unharmed and pleaded guilty to defying a police summons. The man, whose car was deregistered and had several passports inside, went straight from the hospital to Liberec Prison.

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