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A vast, neglected green area near the center of Brno will soon begin to transform into a new urban district.

Urban blocks with boulevards, apartments, studios, offices and shops will be built on an area of ​​about four hectares within the southern center, a large development area located close to the historic center of the Moravian metropolis.

The district, where more than seven thousand people live and work, is being developed by J&T Real Estate Investment and Development, a group owned by billionaire Patrick Tagak and his family. The latter has now received planning permission for the first phase of the Trio Brno project, which will start construction next year.

The developer will build three administrative buildings, dozens of shops and more than five hundred apartments. The investment for the entire project, i.e. the first and second phases, will cost J&T Real Estate more than ten billion crowns.

“We are happy that we have the zoning decision for the first phase. Now we are at the stage of finalizing the documents for the building permit. I believe this process will be faster than the zoning administration,” said Tomáš Ctibor, founder of the 4ct platform and external consultant of J&T Real Estate for the Trio Brno project, outlining the current schedule. .

The developer expects to issue a building permit by the end of this year to begin construction of the first phase in 2024. The plan is to create a full-scale city district where people not only want to live, but also work and spend their leisure time.

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“We have a unique opportunity to create a vibrant neighborhood in a place that has been waiting for its meaningful use for decades,” says Jiri Ozets, a member of the J&T Real Estate team.

The architectural form of the project arose from an urban study of the development of the first part of the territory, which was prepared by the Architect’s Office of the City of Brno together with the leading Brno architects of Burian-Grivinga Studio. Building designs are also in charge of UNIT Architects, Ateliér RAW, Consequence forma and Jura et Consortes.

“The insight of the world-renowned urban planner and landscape architect from the USA, Mark Johnson, was of great help in the initial urban planning. Under the leadership of the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno and in cooperation with the architects of Burien-Grivinck Studio, an urban study was created for the entire southern center, which was a basis for the construction of our project. was the prerequisite,” explains. Ossets.

According to him, Trio Brno should be an example of a project designed according to the concept of a short-distance city, where everything necessary for life in a city is available in one place.

The use of photovoltaics or rainwater is also expected, and there should be enough greenery on roofs and internal blocks to cool the city. In addition, the new buildings will be surrounded by a central boulevard with a tram line connecting the historic center to the new main station.

A planned new main station is one of the other major projects on the horizon in Brno. The spectacular interchange for Brno was designed by Dutch studio Benthem Gruel, the author of the station in Rotterdam and the extension of the station in Amsterdam.

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The new station could begin operations in 2034, with an estimated investment of fifty billion for the entire transit hub.

Another project is the West Gate development site near Zihlawska Street, which awaits residential and commercial development. Where there is potential for high-rise buildings, housing for approximately three thousand residents will be created within five years. Brno developer Domoplan and Creditas Real Estate will invest there.

Next to the center is Špitálka, which the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno refers to as a future “smart” district, where investors will use the most modern technologies, innovations or various green solutions. The hospital has the potential to become a symbol of progress and modern technology in Brno.

This is a big change from the current urban location of the Brno heating plant and the mostly inactive brownfields surrounding it. Construction should begin after 2023.

One of the most profitable plots of land in Brno is the Zbrojovka site. In the past, more than twenty-two hectares near the center of Brno were occupied by an engineering company, but billionaire Radovan Vitek’s CPI Property Group is gradually changing the space.

Within twelve years, about two thousand apartments will be built in the area for about twenty billion crowns. The center of the district is to become a former thermal plant building from 1918, which will be adapted to a design by Czech architectural studio Koka and will include restaurants, shops, art and offices.

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