Police in Jesenice stopped a car with a passenger on its roof at night

Police spokeswoman Teresa Neupavrova said police officers participating in a safety event focused on alcohol, drugs and speed in the area at the weekend were drawn to the VW Golf crew at first sight – the man on the roof was impossible to miss. Novinga on Monday.

“In order not to fall, he held on to the cross bars on the roof. If he wanted, he could comfortably fit in the car, and there was still room. “Riding on the roof was great fun, but very dangerous,” the spokesperson noted.

The 22-year-old driver was breathalyzed during the test. It was positive with a result of 0.62 per thousand.

“A drug orientation test followed, which came back positive for THC. The young man then voluntarily submitted to a medical examination that included a blood sample,” Neubauer said, adding that the result will determine whether the driver's actions will be a misdemeanor, dealt with in administrative proceedings or reclassified as a criminal offense. .

As part of the traffic safety operation, the police stopped and searched 200 drivers. “Almost a third of them committed a misdemeanor. On the spot, the police dealt with 57 violations, for which they fined 93,000 crowns,” the spokesperson added.

He ran into the police with a beacon on the roof

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