Explosions in Crimea – Humenyuk told how cotton affects the logistics of the Russian occupiers

Humenyuk said how the “cotton” in Crimea affects the logistics of the Russian aggressors

Explosions In Occupied Crimea significantly affected Logistics of the Russian Army. It slows down or stops for long periods of time and does not serve the needs of residents with the required intensity.

This was reported by the spokesman of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine Natalia Kumenyuk in the air It's tele. According to him, because of the “cotton” on the occupied peninsula, the invaders have some difficulties.

“Explosions in Crimea affect logistics. – Ed Very powerful Because it is slow or Suspended for a period of time. That is, it does not meet the severity of the requirements of the occupying army, in such a case, when it becomes necessary to replenish the same reserve Left Bank of Kherson Province, The enemy is experiencing obvious difficulties,” he said.

Fire control, which defenders of Ukraine, in particular, are trying to establish Bases of occupiers in Crimeaand above waysEnemy presence can move to the front line, straining the enemy significantly.

“They (occupiers. – Ed.) realized that there is a danger on the way to these reserves if they are not at the base point,” said Natalia Humenyuk.

At the same time, we should not forget that the left bank of the mainland of Ukraine is concentrated Adequate skills and powers The spokesperson of the Southern Defense Forces added that the enemy is to maintain security with general maneuvers in areas where the situation is currently very tense.

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As OBOZ.UA reports, explosions rang out in occupied Sevastopol the day before. The occupiers immediately announced the “successful” work of air defense against Storm Shadow missiles. The rockets were reported to have been fired in Henich district of Kherson region.

We will also remind you that the head of the GUR, Kyrylo Budanov, said the other day that attacks on the enemy in Crimea will continue, because it is important to “pressure” the invaders with the help of air campaign. , naval drone strikes and covert operations.

For his part, Director of the “Strategic Research and Defense Institute” Pavlo Lisyanskyi said that the Russian Federation cannot build a road from the Rostov Region to Crimea through the “land corridor” due to the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As well as shortage of manpower. Large-scale construction is still only in the plans of the occupiers.

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