Hundreds of American armored personnel carriers went undetected to the Czech Republic within days

A unique parking lot for hundreds of US military armored vehicles and support vehicles, ready to operate at any time, has been created in the specific city of Libao Military Region. It is a combat tool for 800 soldiers from the National Guard’s 150th Cavalry Regiment from West Virginia.

Go inside.

Yes, this is part of a long-running international exercise intended to train allies to deploy quickly in the event of threats and test our ability to provide them with the support they need. Talk to General Magdalena Tuoco.

Over the past few days, U.S. ground commanders in Europe and Africa have flown equipment largely unnoticed by commercial carriers from special forward weapons and equipment forward depots in Mannheim, Germany.

The Pentagon decided to give the warehouses to European allies in response to Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian Crimea in 2014. So if any country in the coalition is threatened, American soldiers can easily transport prize dogs and war equipment to the ground. on the site.

The first test of this mechanism is the main goal of the exercise, the essence of which is the detailed preparation of the technique in Lipa. In mid-May, 800 U.S. Guardsmen from West Virginia will fly to Esk. At Lipa, they really get down to the nitty-gritty of the tech wars.

The site has about 400 items, including five M2 Bradley fighting vehicles, M113 armored personnel carriers, light and medium tactical vehicles and five tank trucks, along with a variety of support vehicles including missile vehicles. In Europe and Africa, Thomas Killian was to be established in Lipa by oversight.

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Amerian appoints such a field center as the ECHA (Equipment Structure and Exchange Area) has now been created in the Czech Republic, i.e. technical control and pre-equipped space. Over the next few days, soldiers from the 150th Cavalry Regiment will inspect and take apart the collected equipment.

Once the receiving tactical unit verifies that all the equipment in the paperwork is correct and that the evening equipment is 100% functional, we will equip them,” Kilian said.

Amerian will train in Lipa

A unit of American guards has fought in Ireland, Afghanistan, but also in Syria or Jordan. Guards in Lipa practice immediate response alongside Czech troops.

It is part of the US military’s largest maneuver in Europe in the past decade, DEFENDER 24, involving 17,000 US and 23,000 allied troops from 20 friendly and allied nations.

On the Czech side, 350 soldiers of the 7th Mechanized Brigade will be deployed. Clem of Czech and American troops will practice combat distance, coordination skills, conduct of combat operations and maneuverability. For our soldiers, it will be a training certificate for deployment abroad in Slovakia, Divokov said.

NATO deployed a multinational battle group to Slovakia in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since 2002, the combined forces of R, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States have been commanded by ei. From the Red Army, I am assigned to my English colleagues, but they will not be used in battle groups for long. They were soldiers of the 72nd Mechanized Battalion from Pslavlís.

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We will have a mechanized company with security elements here, soldiers from Pslavice will charge in R,” said battalion commander Michal Voltr.

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