The European Union took another step to use frozen assets of the Russian Federation for the benefit of Ukraine

At a meeting on January 29, the permanent representatives of EU countries agreed to create a separate account, which will transfer interest from taxable profits of frozen Russian assets.

This is written by Richard Joswiak, Brussels correspondent of “Radio Liberty”, “The European Truth”; Later, the information was officially confirmed by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Under the Belgian presidency Mentioned EU diplomats “agreed in principle to a proposal to use surplus profits associated with immovable assets to support the recovery of Ukraine,” without elaborating.

According to Joswiak, the EU ambassadors “gave the green light to the first step” on the way to use the frozen assets of the Russian Federation for the benefit of Ukraine – “depositing funds from frozen Russian assets into a separate account.”

“Now it's a matter of agreeing on the next step: sending real money to Ukraine,” he added.

Earlier this month, the EU's foreign ministers A political agreement was reached Regarding the plan to use rockets in support of Ukraine.

Because many EU member states Against confiscation Due to legal issues with these assets, the compromise is that the profits generated by these frozen assets will be taxed and these funds will be transferred to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​foreclosing frozen assets is being promoted in the US. Last week, relevant committees of the US Senate and House of Representatives approved the ActThis will help create conditions for seizing Russian assets and transferring them to Ukraine for recovery.

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