NATO is preparing for Russian attacks in Europe

NATO must prepare for Russian attacks on targets across Europe, especially in Germany, if the Kremlin goes to war against the alliance, senior commanders have warned.

In an interview with The Times newspaper, Lt. Gen. Alexander Solfrank, commander of NATO's military logistics center in Germany, urged allies to simplify bureaucratic procedures that complicate the movement of troops and equipment. and equipment in times of crisis.

“If we compare the war and operations of ten or five years ago, we understand that we have to admit that the rear areas will have a tough fight. We have to assume that the aggressor will use the entire spectrum of kinetic and non-kinetic force to destroy the lines of communication, including the rear,” says Solfrank.

NATO leaders believe the alliance has limited time to take steps to strengthen its defenses. Before an alliance summit in Washington in July, they hope to agree to introduce a “military Schengen” system that would allow military convoys to move freely within the borders of NATO countries.

Ukraine – NATO

In January 2024, the first meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council took place in a military format at the level of military commanders.

The format of the Ukraine-NATO Council was created by the decision of the summit in Vilnius in the summer of 2023, which is one of the steps to join our country to the North Atlantic Alliance.

It was known earlier that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wants to invite Ukraine to NATO “at a certain point”.

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