The Russians subjected the border community close to Sumi to heavy artillery shelling – OVA

Shelling of Sumy Region May 2 – The Russians subjected the border community closest to Sumy to heavy artillery fire.


Aggressors fired four missiles at a community in the area.

May 3, 2024, 02:45

As of 9:00 PM yesterday, May 2, the Russians shelled the Sumy region 40 times. 215 explosions were reported here. Nine communities in the Sumy region were shelled. about this reported Sumy Regional Military Administration on Telegram

The border community closest to the regional center – Myrobylska – came under the most intense shelling. The Russians subjected it to powerful artillery fire (49 bursts) and hit it with FPV drones (5 bursts).

The enemy launched one mortar (15 explosions) and two FPV drones at Mykolayivsk community.

The invaders shelled the Krasnopil community with a mortar (10 explosions) and attacked three times with FPV drones.

The Russians bombarded the Seredino-Batsk community with barrel cannons (15 bursts), launched four unguided missiles from an aircraft and an FPV drone.

The community of Velikopisaro was subjected to heavy artillery shelling (33 explosions). It was then attacked by four FPV drones and two grenades were thrown from the unmanned aerial vehicle.

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The invaders fired a cannon (10 bursts), a mortar (5 bursts) and a tank (5 bursts) at the community of Kot.

The enemy fired grenades (10 explosions), mortar (13 explosions) and artillery (6 explosions) into the Bilopol community. From the cannons, he opened fire on the Novoslobodsk community (17 explosions) and dropped 6 more mines on Esmansk.

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Yesterday, May 2, Russians attacked civilian infrastructure in Derkachi, Kharkiv district, injuring nine people, eight of them children.

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