Photo Hřib is said to be in parliament with a colleague. until late at night

“Pirates are a party based on family clans and function as a division of spouses, siblings and lovers. One brings the other and as a team they make a career out there.” Narrated by journalists Barbora Kougalova and Peter Konecini. Since these family clans have come to power, the search for this relationship issue has become a matter of public interest.

A pirate feast In short Chimney regulates its internal life in a document called “Communication Minimums”..

“Pirate ideas are not just a project, but a specific social and political culture, without which the realization of our goals would be impossible,” it says in its introduction.

“We believe that good internal communication and culture contribute to better political decisions,” Pirates further writes.

The following are at least eight points as a basis for pirate communication.

Keep goodwill. Respect others. Try it. Imagine the consequences. Communicate freely and honestly. Criticize constructively. Be open. Be fair.

Parlamentní has been trying to figure out how the “chimney” materializes in the internal life of the Pirates for several weeks.

On the other hand, in pirate terms, we learned many specific stories where “trying” happened.

In January 2020, the Pirates held their convention in Ostrava. At the time, the party, benefiting from a boost from new members of the House, was ranked second in the polls, and leader Ivan Bartos often talked in interviews about the possibility of one day becoming prime minister.

At that time, the slogan “Let’s go to them” read “Let’s go to Strakovka”.

Two months after the public became aware of the situation between the pirates in detail, thanks to the scandal between the member of parliament Jakub Michalak and his girlfriend Michaela Krausova, Pirates became the head of the representative club in the municipality of Prague.

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In the fall of 2019, she was caught flirting and saying goodbye to an unknown man in front of her building, in which the criminally prosecuted manager of a company with a long-term million-dollar business with capital was identified.

One after another, Kraus came to the media saying that he thought Krause was a whistleblower, and later that “the gist of our meeting was not concerned with the interests of the company versus the municipality.” At the Pirate Forum, the most open party platform, MP Michálek was heavily criticized for his behavior towards party members, especially female staff.

Michalek countered the party’s vote to remove him as party vice-president and promised to “organise communication and manpower training”.

Otherwise, at the time, all was going well for the Pirates, and the joy from a strong political start was reflected in the January Diet. This was supposed to be a turning point as pirates for the first time entered conference halls from restaurants and small cultural clubs, until now reserved for “big” parties. For example, the ČSSD, when it was a party of seventy representatives, previously held conferences in Ostrava’s multifunctional Hall Kong. Now the pirates had a convention here, and their flags flew over the whole area of ​​Dolni Vitkovice.

Ivan Bartoš successfully defended the presidency, while the then Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Vojtěch Pikal, abandoned his candidacy before the second round. However, she became vice-president, as did Olga Richterova, Radek Holomczyk and Martin Kucera.

Senator Lukáš Wagenknecht was chosen as the leader and “strategist” of the pirate campaigns. “The problem is not only Andrej Babis, but also corporatism. Recently, Petr Kellner, the PPF group and their Chinese interests have started to appear as a problem,” he stressed.

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One of the stars of the parliament was Zdeněk Hřib, who the previous year had won the party’s first major administrative post – the mayorship of Prague. He had politicians with a very similar worldview in his coalition, and the capital became a laboratory where piracy “smart solutions” were to be tested before being applied to the entire country.

He was seen in Prague to sign a partnership agreement with the Taiwanese capital. This is a reaction to the case surrounding Senate President Jaroslav Kupera and Fort Chancellor Maina, our relationship with China has been hotly debated for a few days. The mayor, inspired by his anti-fortress foreign policy, responded with a more overt gesture.

His performance was therefore considered one of the highlights of the assembly. He offered free public transport as one of the attractions Pirates would have to offer in the future. “We went into these elections by increasing the quality and reliability of public transport, we are building tram bridges and focusing on the construction of the Metro D. But this will definitely be a topic in future elections,” he explained.

It is Saturday 11/01/2020, till eight o’clock in the evening. In no time, Diet’s Saturday program was over.

However, Parlamentní found that he continued more “informally”. In some cases, the party party had parameters close to Lukas Kolarik’s recent popular party in the Inner Thracian chat Spritka in Smicho.

Mayor Harib had to leave the Kong complex with the South Bohemian pirate Veronika Koridarova, who had already been intimate with him during the meal.

At the time, the thirty-four-year-old teacher and environmental education lecturer was preparing to run for regional council in the South Bohemian region. At the Diet, he spoke on ecological topics.

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The brown-haired representative already during the day went around Hřib both among other representatives and alone.

When ParlamentníchListů.cz asked about the Prague mayor’s behavior, he said that he did not think he crossed the lines of decent behavior.

“We had a completely normal time there,” he said.

After the meeting, according to information we received from a Pirate Party source, they went together to an apartment in Penasova Namesti in the center of Ostrava, where Zdeněk Hřib was staying on Diet. After spending the night together, the South Bohemian pirate disappeared from the hotel, while Harib stayed with other pirates in the same establishment on Tyrova Street.

Councilor Korytářová did not want to comment on this area.

Zdeněk Hřib did not respond several times to ParlamentníchListů.cz’s questions regarding relations within the Pirate Party, which came into public discussion after the case of Deputy Minister Kolarik.

Other pirates also declined to comment on relationships within the party, with three of several dozen contacted and referring to a press spokeswoman. He did not respond to questions regarding internal rules to prevent toxic behavior.


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