GUR for the first time showed the pilot of the Russian Federation who hijacked the Mi-8 – video –

GUR classified the identity of the Russian pilot who stole the Mi-8 helicopter.

intelligence Ukraine showed the face of a Russian pilot who did not support Russia’s war and on August 9, 2023, went to Ukraine’s side and stole a Mi-8 helicopter loaded with components for warplanes.

about this reported GUR Press Office.

“No one wants this war. You will see when Ukraine wins, it’s only a matter of time…” – says the Russian pilot in the video.

Therefore, on September 3, Telethon will broadcast a documentary about a unique special operation of the Ukrainian intelligence called “Synytsia”. The film will show shocking footage of destroyed Russian planes, helicopters, missiles and drones; Reveals the personal testimonies of Ukrainian scouts, pilots and anti-aircraft fighters, as well as the stories of captured Russian pilots.

“We were able to get the right approach to the pilot, get all of (his) family out of sight, and ultimately create a situation where we could cross this plane with a crew who didn’t know what was going on. When they realized where they were, they sat down, they tried to escape, and unfortunately, they were destroyed, and I told them Would like to take alive, but we have, “Kyrylo Budanov, head of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said about the special. surgery.

We will recall, spoke about the armed forces officer Showed personal photos of Russian Mi-8 landing and “Synitsa” operation.

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